Throwback Thursday: DAT BLOCK!



Of course the Celtics beat Miami last night and we all enjoyed it. Even everyone aboard the #TankSafariForJabari did.

There’s just something in beating the Heat. They were without LeBron and even with that we enjoyed the victory quite a bit.

So we’re taking the time to relish a big time moment against this hated team.

Enjoy. And replay.

Replay a lot.

So Close, So Close

The lottery-bound Boston Celtics faced the Western Conference’s 7th seed the Dallas Mavericks. But don’t let that 7th seed title fool you, the Mavericks are 40-27. Yes, the Western conference’s 7th seed is easily the Eastern conference’s 3rd seed. On top of being a good team, the Mavs are a hungry team fighting to hold on to their playoff spot. So without further adieu, here’s the game. Continue reading

Bob Ryan Goes Harsh

That’s a lot of snow

After Kevin Garnett came to Boston and left as delighted with the city as he did, the question of free agents wanting to come to Boston is being revisited.

This city has, unfortunately, a history of being the exact opposite of a place that will wow free agents into coming and playing -and living- here.

But after Banner 17 and the restoration of the tradition of Celtic greatness and pride, and most importantly the winning tradition, this might all change.

Fans have the hope it will.  Continue reading