Our Summer Truths #3

Not so sure about this one.

Not so sure about this one.

Third day of “Our Summer Truths” series. We have 13 more days to go before our last question. Today we tackle a question that has brought apart many fans during the off-season (at least it was this way on my twitter feed, I don’t know about yours). This question divides the Celtics fan base into two opposing poles. Fans just have a lot of different expectations for next season.

Here at our Causeway roundtable, though, our writers are pretty much settled on the answer. It’s not such a mystery to them. In fact they are all pretty sure they’re totally right when answering this question. It’s funny because we will have to do something about this. We’re supposed to argue and disagree and all. I guess here at the Causeway roundtable we’re all just pretty boring.

So today’s question is simple: are the Celtics making the playoffs next season?

AusCelticsFan: “No. Simple as that. Unless other Eastern Conference teams have some major injuries issues. No.”

GeeZeeCeltics: “No. Jeff Green is great, I love the guy, but when he’s your main go-to guy? Not a playoff team, methinks. I don’t think that Danny pulled the trigger on the Nets deal with playoffs in mind, either. It would take a lot of lucky breaks for the Celtics to make the postseason this coming year. I just don’t think that’s likely. I also don’t think that’s the objective this season.”

SportsGal: “Pass that scotch. Not this year unless it’s by the grace of Red and they catch a break with stronger divisional teams collapsing. Like Melo breaking his tailbone. (Did I say that out loud. Oh-good. I never wish injury on any player. That’s bad juju)”

JoshZavadil: “I’ll shave my armpits and won’t shave my Paul Pierce-style facial hair for three months if the Celtics make the playoffs.” (You may all want to bookmark this in case, you know, the Celtics actually do end up playing in May)

PakkAttackk: “Nope. Celtics do not (will not) want to be good this year. Wiggins, Randle, Exum, Parker, Smart, Harrison Twins, Gordon baby. They aren’t good enough defensively in the paint (good perimeter defense though) & don’t think they have enough offensive firepower to be a playoff team.”

HeisenCelts: “No. No. No. I’m sorry for you if you think the slightest chance this team makes the playoffs exists, because there is no chance at all.”

Please, someone disagree with us! We won’t shoot you for disagreeing I promise. Go at it in the comments below.

6 thoughts on “Our Summer Truths #3

  1. Looks like Rondo will miss some time. If “time” equals 1+ months then forget about the playoffs. They’ll get off to a brutal start and never recover. Rondo is the engine and only true PG on the team. With him I think they’re a lot better then people give them credit for. A Rondo/Bradley/Green/KO/Sully front line is a nice compliment of skill-sets. Roll out Lee/Brooks/Wallace/Bass/Hump off the bench and you’re in the playoff picture. But honestly, I don’t think the playoffs are the vision. Danny’s objectives for the season are as follows.

    1. Make sure Rondo is 100% healthy and ready to resume his playing career in Green.

    2. Develop the pups

    3. Unload Lee, Wallace, Bass

    4. Stink in the first half, win games and start putting things together in the 2nd half….just in time to get fans excited for 14-15 when the team could feature a top 5 2014 pick, the current young foundation + a MAX free agent.

  2. There simply is no room for us in the playoffs. That’s one of my main issues when people bring up the post season for the Celtics. If you look at the top 8 teams in the East, it’s a pretty tight bunch:

    Miami, Chicago, Brooklyn, New York & Indiana. These 5 teams are locks.

    Cleveland is becoming a very serious Dark Horse going into this season, and Detroit has assembled themselves a strong front court and young, up and coming back court. So I am awarding these 2 teams a payoff spot.

    And that leaves us with one spot. The Celtics would be fighting for this one spot with the likes of Washington, (who with John Wall have proven to be a force.) And a revamped Toronto team. Rudy Gay, Kyle Lowry, and Jonas Valanciunas will spear-head a competitive Raptors squad.

    As much as I hate to say it, I do not think we could fight these 2 teams at the end of the year when that last spot is on the line, and to be honest, I don’t think they will want to really try that hard for it anyway. :-/

    • Great to have you. Always loved your insightful posts on RealGM. Hope you write something for us someday, you’ve always got some interesting info to spin.

      • Thanks. I came across someone talking about the launch of this site and figured I would check it out. I like the set-up. I’d be happy to contribute at some point.

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