Our Summer Truths #4

The look of uncertainty

The look of uncertainty

Now it starts to get trickier and trickier. We all agreed on the last question, but it will be pretty hard to agree on this one. Even people with similar expectations for next season could have very different answers to this question. The season starts to get closer, training camp nears, but we are still left with a very high dose of uncertainty. Predicting the team’s record hasn’t been this hard -and sad- in a long while

So many variables come to play here that its nearly impossible someone gets the right answer. We will all just have to trust our personal crystal balls here. Still, once the season starts and the team gets in some kind of rythm, uncertainty will start to vanish and the answer to the question will become clearer and clearer. One just can’t stay in the dark for so long.

We will see when Rondo returns and how he returns, we’ll see how Jeff Green plays with the spotlight on him for 48 minutes a night, and we’ll see if Kelly Olynyk is a superior or an inferior God.

For now we’re 200% speculation, but here’s the question for our roundtable: What is the 2013-14 season record?

GeeZeeCeltics: “Ehh, there’s a lot of variables here, so it feels like I’m shooting in the dark a little. It’s dependent on when Rondo returns and how he looks when he does it, how Stevens adjusts and how much Green improves (if at all?). It’s hard to say, but I’d hover around 30 wins. I’ll go 31-51.”

SportsGal: “No idea but I do expect a spike in my bar tab at Legends Club. Seriously- I rather watch them play together before I speculate on that. New coach, new system- no PP no KG. Too many variables. And unfair to the players. They are in the NBA. Let them do their work before you judge the product on the court. ”

JoshZavadil: 28-54. (That was simple, Josh)

HeisenCelts: “I’m going with 30-52. No Rondo for the season’s first month(s) will pile up losses quick. Besides, this is a season for development, so guys making constant mistakes will probably still be on the floor a lot. That will also help that number on the right column to increase fast. To me, only Kelly and MarShon becoming All-Stars can win them more than 35 games.”

AusCelticsFan: “This will be dependant on when Rondo returns, whether Olynynk can continue to show flashes of brilliance, Jeff Green’s level of play, our current conundrum at the center position, and if any further trades are made. I’m taking a stab with 30-52. That might be being kind. We’ll wait and see.”

PakkAttackk: “I’ll say 31-51. November will be what throws Celtics out of the playoff picture. PACKED with games, back to backs, superior opponents, no Rondo & first time NBA coach. BUT when Rondo returns & is confident in his knee, I think this team will be closer to a .500 team, a lot like the Wizards-Wall last year.”

Well we were all actually in the same range. We still can’t disagree, huh.

After all of this the only thing left to say is: we will see.

And as we go forward with this series, we’re looking to add more people to answer our questions so we can have more variety. If you think you can be here or know of someone that should be, let us know in the comments (leave a way for us to contact you).

2 thoughts on “Our Summer Truths #4

  1. tough to call without knowing Rondo’s timetable back and what the actual roster is going to look like on opening night.

    Record with Rondo out 1-2 months and the roster as-is. 30-52

    Record with Rondo playing opening night. 42-40. Maybe even better.

    As much as I love Pierce and Garnett I feel like the guys around them spent too much time waiting around and deferring. I also feel like Doc’s system was played out. I think fresh start, coach and roster is exactly what this team and Rondo needed. Sure it’s a work in progress but with a healthy Rondo I feel like they can lock up defensively, get out in transition and surprise some people. They’ll be tough.

    Lee/Brooks/Wallace/Bass/Hump is a real solid rotation. and who knows what Faverani can do.

    So to me I feel like the entire season rests on Rondo’s ACL recovery time. If he’s out for an extended period then forget it. but if he’s back I think they surprise some people. I really do

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