Boston Celtics Top 10 Plays 2012-13 Season

Here’s the official, NBA uploaded video of the Boston Celtics Top 10 (should be Top 9) plays of the 2012-13 season. Trust me, I’m not putting this video up here to make you cry for the absence of Pierce and KG, I’m putting it here so you can have a good and entertaining 5 minutes. We’re never going to leave the past behind, but we will focus on the future.

Besides, as we check some numbers, we see that only 2 of the 10 plays were made by either Paul or KG. The rest were all made by players who are still on the roster.

Actually, after watching closely I realized there are only 9 plays in this video. The video jumps from the 3rd best play to the 1st without ever going to the 2nd. Oops, NBA. Why are you trying to trick us? We want one more play! Go ahead, confirm it by yourselves. Why would I lie, to sound interesting? Anyways, we will proceed as if the video actually had 10 plays.

Bass had one amazing dunk all over Brook Lopez. His growl as he’s hanging on the rim might be the best part of the play, though.

Rondo shows up twice. First he does his all famous behind-the-back fake and lay it in play, and then he puts in a circus shot after his jumper is blocked.

What are the real highlights of this video though? JEFF GREEN. He made 40% of the plays in the video and 50% of those plays were game winning shots. A lot has been said about the topic, but Jeff Green was clutch last season. He was willing (and also looked like wanting) to take the last shot, the shot for the win. I would be amazed if Brad Stevens doesn’t look to continue this trend next season.

As for the other half of his plays, fantastic dunks. In one, he blew by LeBron James and dunked all over Bosh. The other? You already know what it is so why should I tell you. Just let me point out the terrific Rondo one-legged celebration after the dunk. I could watch that reaction for days. So Rondo.

Anyways, enjoy the video. Also, think about who might be featured in the 13-14 season highlights. I’ll give you a hint. He wears #8.

Yep, again.

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