Our Summer Truths #6

Credits to RedsArmy.com for the pic

Credits to RedsArmy.com for the pic

Just as we learned that 36 year old Brad Stevens was going to become the new head coach of the Boston Celtics, many immediately thought the next step was getting rid of Rondo. The thought process behind this basically was “if Doc had his troubles with Rondo, there’s no way a 36 year old rookie head coach with zero NBA experience can handle him.”

Even though I can see that point and why people say that, my initial reaction was “great! A young coach will mesh easier with Rondo.”

Now we’re standing in a place where All-Lies Danny Ainge has said he isn’t trading Rondo and that he considers him the face of the franchise. I’m not saying All-Lies Danny Ainge so you think he WILL trade Rondo, just so you remember that Danny -and good GM’s in general- can’t be trusted.

It’s looking a whole lot like Rondo will start the season with the Celtics, and I hope he will be with the team –along Stevens- for many more years to come.

Which takes us to today’s “question”: Grade the Rondo/Stevens relationship by the season’s end.

HeisenCelts: “These two will do more than well. Rondo is smart so he needs a not so stubborn coach (which Doc wasn’t) at his side. If Rondo sees something differently than the coach he will not keep it for himself. So Brad being as open as he’s said he is has all the potential to mesh with Rajon well. This does not mean that now Rondo will be the coach and Stevens will lower his head saying “Yes master Rondo.” No, it means that the two will communicate outstandingly, two beautiful basketball minds will put the best product of the sport they can out on the court. I’ll give them an A- because I’m not expecting a smooth ride the entire way. Every road has its bumps.”

PakkAttackk: “Grade it? What am I? A teacher? If the “hatred” between Rondo & Doc or Rondo & Ray has showed me anything, it’s that relationships hardly matter off the court as long as there is respect on the court. The relationship could suck or it could be great, the only thing there needs to be is mutual respect.”

AusCelticsFan: “I’ll grade this relationship by season’s end.”

SportsGal: “Rondo-Stevens. Teacher and Student- although who thinks who is who should make for an interesting season. “

KWAPT: “I think it could go either way. But as in any sports franchise, everything’s hunky dory when your winning. If the C’s exceed expectations, Rondo will be a big reason why obviously. But if this year turns out to be a bust, frustration & tempers could lead to “issues”. Both of them have the weight of the world on their shoulders, and should the team struggle, both of them will be in the crosshairs of fans & media.”

GeeZeeCeltics: “This is a bit of a wildcard. They’re both bright basketball minds, and I think they’ll enjoy exchanging ideas. Stevens could be more open to Rondo’s unorthodox playing style than Doc, who was more of a traditionalist. That said, it still remains to be seen how Rondo handles losing and if it doesn’t mess with his mind. If so, tensions could boil over. But I suspect things will be fine in the end.”

JoshZavadil: “I’ll be honest; I think the Rondo reputation is one of the most overdone, blown-out-of-proportion stories in the league. A lot of it seems to stem from his acerbic personality and the fact that, well, not many people understand him. I think he will work just fine with Stevens. They’re both driven, they’re both numbers-oriented individuals and they both seem to analyze every minute detail of the game.”

No one can say for sure how this relationship will work out eventually, but as of now, I think we can all say it’s looking good. Whatever happens will be extremely important for the future of the team. Leave your thoughts on the comment section below.

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