Our Summer Truths #7

Where the spotlight will be.

This is where the spotlight will be.

Jeff Green was absolutely phenomenal by the end of last year. He was aggressive, looking for his offense, running the break, hitting 3s, dunking on everyone, and even protecting the rim. Dude was crazy good and I’m not even going to get into clutch stats- which let me tell you were ridiculously good.

By the beginning of the 2012-13 season his contract was mentioned as one of the worst in the entire league. Giving $36 million to a guy coming off heart surgery seemed pretty dumb. Still, Ainge knew –and knows- what he has in #8.

Today, that contract might be looked at as a bargain, even. What Jeff Green did in the playoffs was scoring 20.3 points per game to go along with 5.3 rebounds and 2.3 assists. He also did it pretty efficiently with a 44FG% and shooting nearly 46% from downtown.

We don’t know what Jeff Green will do next season, but what he did by then end of last year gives Celtics fans tons of hope. Iron Man has each of us day dreaming about alley-oops and monster dunks.

Question for today is: Is Jeff Green for real or was his post All-Star break just another flash in the pan?

JoshZavadil: “I think will be decent. I don’t think he’s “every single year NBA All-Star” good, but in the second year after a major heart operation, I think he’ll continue to improve. His role is going to be bigger this season, so he’ll have every chance to display how efficient he can be, how dominant he can be when he works in the areas where he excelled last season. Will he? Who knows.”

PakkAttackk: “Jeff Green is FOR REAL. I know I have a reputation for being a huge Green fanboy but 3 months + best player on the team in the playoffs can’t just be dismissed as a “flash in the pan.” Yes, he isn’t Bill Russell on the boards but instead of focusing on a few minor flaws in his game (much like Rondo-Free Throws), look at what he does do for you. Athletic scorer who can shoot from range, defends at a good (not high) level, plays within the team & efficient. I’m not saying he’s LeBron but this guy is really, really good & will only get better.”

GeeZeeCeltics: “The stretch was long enough to be considered the real thing. Now that he’ll be given the role of primary scorer, we can expect even greater things from Jeff. However, opposing teams will also gameplan for him accordingly, so maybe the increased attention could give him some trouble.”

AusCelticsFan: “Jeff Green is for real. The guy is talent personified. But the main reason I believe in him so much is his state of mind. What he has been through over the last 14 months would cripple most people. Jeff has risen like a Phoenix from the Fires of heart surgery, and piece by piece he has shown the NBA that he is not to be dismissed. Just take a look at his highlight reel from last year. Half of that was accomplished whilst still not fully recovered from heart surgery. Now we have a 100% healthy Jeff Green? I want to see Robert Downey Jr. court side at the TD Garden next season, so he can see who the real Iron Man is. Lethal 3 point shot, incredible first step and drive, thunderous dunks, a constant danger on the fast break, shot-blocker. If Green works on some post-up play, mid range jumper, and shot creation? Start getting his All-Star jersey ready. Suit up Jeff. Iron Man is needed.”

KWAPT: “I think Green is very much for real. Now that Pierce is gone and the door is wide-open for him, he needs to take full advantage. My only concern is with the vocal KG (and a new coach) gone, will Green be able to become one of the team’s leaders as he should? Or will his quiet demeanor overcome that need? Confidence is everything with Jeff and it will be important for him to stay aggressive.”

SportsGal: “Jeff Green more than earned my respect. There is more to a player than what is quantified by stats. He’s no unicorn in my bathtub. He’s real. Watch him prove it. I’ll be there every game cheering for him. I can’t yell Bass all game. It’s not nice.“

HeisenCelts: “Green is for real. The most important part of his game last season was that improved jumper. I don’t see why that should regress at all, it should even keep improving. Add that to more shots, way more transition opportunities, and one more year after heart surgery and Iron Man will show us what he’s made of. He has everything to be an All-Star and I believe he’ll make a strong case for playing in his first All-Star weekend.”

One of the biggest reasons to be excited for next season is Jeff Green. Dude is ready to shine.

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8 thoughts on “Our Summer Truths #7

  1. if you look at the top 5 SF’s your list probably looks something like this.

    1. LeBron
    2. Durant
    3. Melo
    4. George
    5. ??? I’d say Pierce right now.

    Can Jeff Green get into that conversation? At age 27 he FINALLY has the opportunity to start at his natural position, play heavy minutes and be a go-to player. If he fully embraces this opportunity and plays aggressively and consistently then he’ll be #5.

  2. It’s his time to shine, and now he has every chance to do so. I see Green going for about… 20ppg 6rb 3ast shooting at about 45%… on a team with not many scoring options this should be achievable for Jeff. I hope.

  3. Calling Jeff an all star is unreasonably optimistic. By most metrics Jeff was barely an average player last year. His efficiency will likely go down as his touches and usage increase and the teams overall

  4. Spacing will be working against him. You guys have to start looking at every factor before you call someone an all star.

    • I think it should be an individual goal for him next season. He will have the ball in his hands a whole lot so he will have to do the best he can with it.

      With LeBron, Anthony, and George in the East it will be tough for him, though.

      • I’m not willing to anoint JG an All-Star. I expect him scoring average to go up without PP and KG around. He played well with KG and PP around, will he be able to do that without their presence.
        I’d be very happy, if JG can be a solid starter average 15-16 points, 5-6 Reb and play good defense. Could he be better with his talent? Sure, but not sure he has themental makeup to be an All-Star.

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