Our Summer Truths #10


The starting five is a little cloudy right now for the Boston Celtics with the change in coaching and personnel. The middle of the starting group is sort of clear with Bradley and Green likely locking up the 2 and 3 spots, Rondo obviously being the starting PG when he returns. The big men, however, are a bit more of an enigma, especially the center position. There’s a few different people that are candidates for the starter job at C – Kris Humphries, Kelly Olynyk, Jared Sullinger… Vitor Faverani? All four could end up starting at some point, and probably will, until Stevens finds the one big he feels comfortable with at the pivot.

With that, we have arrived to our today’s question for the roundtable:

Who ends up being the consistent starting center?

Matt Moore (@HPBasketball): “Does it matter? I mean, really, does it matter? It will wind up being… wow. This took me longer than I expected. It’ll be Olynyk, with Humphries or Sullinger at power forward, but man alive, is it going to be ugly. The good news is that the one thing the Celtics have struggled with so much for the past three years, rebounding, should be improved. But really, there won’t be a “consistent” starting center because this team is unlikely to look like it does now by season’s end. They could add and lose two centers between now and the end of the year. Going to be that kind of season.”

KWAPT: “This one is anybody’s guess. I think Stevens will play Olynyk, Humphries & Faverani in the preseason at different times to see just what he’s got. Humphries obviously has the NBA experience, Olynyk the great hands and soft touch & Faverani is pretty much uncharted territory. I’d say we see a mix of all three on different nights/for different match-ups over the course of the season.”

PakkAttackk: “Kris Humphries. “Boooooo!!” Yeah, yeah, I know his face is annoying, he married Kim for like 60 days & the Rondo thing but he can play. Is he a starting caliber center? No, which is exactly why he’ll play center for us because he can rebound. He’s not built to last at center but he’ll do the job. Some nights it’ll be ok, some nights against Chicago, Indiana & Memphis it won’t.”

GeeZeeCeltics: “Ehhh, hard to say. It’s an enigma. I’ll go with Humphries, barring a trade. This at least gives some experience to the starting five. Though if Olynyk shows that his skillset translates to the NBA the way it did to Summer League, he could getting the starting job. But my choice is Kris Humphries.”

DDB: “With the roster as-is I put my money on Kris Humphries starting at Center.  Or Jared Sullinger.  Or Kelly Olynyk.  Or maybe the unknown Vitor Faverani.  Or Maybe Danny has 1 more trade in him before the season starts.  Or maybe Vitaly Potapenko is walking through that door.  I’m going ALL-IN on this one!!!”

HeisenCelts: “Olynyk. Danny has said he loves the Sullinger/Olynyk combination and that is not for one to be on the bench while the other plays. Such a high IQ on the front court could be very important for half-court offense; both guys know what’s the right play to do in a certain situation. If Kelly can develop what he showed in Summer League and add some physicality to his game I don’t see any reason why he shouldn’t end up being the starting center of the team.”


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