Our Summer Truths #11



This was a really difficult offseason to swallow for Celtics fans. Basically what we knew and loved was taken away from us in a heartbeat and replaced by not so lovable stuff (except you Brad, I love you).

So Danny took away Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce away from the Celtics and replaced them with Gerald Wallace and Kris Humphries.

Paul Pierce should have been a Celtic for his entire career, but as we’ve heard a million times in the last few months, this is a business. Still, it being a business does not make it easier to endure for fans. When we see Paul in white-black instead of white-green we’re going to realize what really happened. When we see KG pumping his chest with a black jersey on, we will finally land in reality.

That reality is tough, but we move on. Still, the day we see them on the TD Garden with jerseys we had never seen on them before, live won’t be easy on us Celtics fans.

Question for today is: Will you cry on January 26th?

KWAPT: “I’ve been trying to picture the moment in my mind and just cannot grasp it. Will be an emotional night at the Garden, and the tears will definitely be flowing.”

GeeZeeCeltics: “No doubt. There’s no hiding the fact that these two men are directly responsible for a lot of things in my life. I am a fan of the Celtics because of them, but even more importantly – I am the man I am today because of them. They gave me countless lessons on various things both in basketball and in life. I’ve never drawn more inspiration from anybody than from Kevin Garnett. Their return will make me revisit every emotion I felt when the news of them being traded became official.”

PakkAttackk: “Do the Celtics wear green? Yes. So will I cry when I see two Celtic legends in a different color? Yeah but it won’t be during the game, probably post game when Pierce starts describing how hard it was to play against the Celtics & when KG walks past that Celtic logo & (hopefully) touches it.”

DDB: “I’ll 100%, without a doubt be whimpering, sobbing, crying, tearing up….whatever you want to call it.  And I don’t even think I’ll be fighting off the tears.  It’ll be bittersweet.  It’ll be sad.  It’ll be heartwarming.  As a student of the game I respect the hell out of Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce.  Add in the fact that I’m a passionate Celtics fan and forget about it.  Tear ducts are letting loose.  Screw it.   January 26th will be the highlight of the season…And I’m okay with that because for 6 seasons KG and Truth had the Celtics on top.”

HeisenCelts: “Of course I will. I just can’t imagine seeing KG and Paul playing at the Garden with a jersey other than green and white. When I actually get the sight of that -of reality- tears will roll all over my cheeks. Not having what those guys brought into my life will be hard, but relishing what they did bring into it will be very emotional.”

AusCelticsFan: “Without a doubt, I’ll shed some tears. But I’ll be in tears for several reasons. Seeing Paul and Kevin in different uniforms. Seeing them trying to beat the Boston Celtics. Knowing, as they’ve stated, that they wanted to retire Celtics. Knowing that it took Paul Pierce to convince Kevin Garnett it was for the good of the club, and for their own aspirations for another ring. For Kevin Garnett stating he would have retired, point-blank, if Paul wasn’t part of the trade. But most of all because I’ll be seeing my two ‘Eternal Warriors’ again. Side by side. Sharing a bond that most NBA players will never know. And for that last reason, I’ll have a warm grin on my face as tears roll down my cheek.”

If you cry on this night, don’t try to hide it, because your tears mean Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce meant A WHOLE LOT to you. They changed you.

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