Our Summer Truths #12

Hurts, doesn't it?

Hurts, doesn’t it?

We’re entering the last week of this series of un-answered questions that have arisen throughout the summer. We’ve gone from Rondo to Stevens, to Sullinger, to Green, to the past, and much more.

Today we talk about the most polarizing figure of the offseason: Doc Rivers. The way he left the Celtics was not the way anyone thought he’d leave, and his recent word “battles” with Danny (and even Bill Simmons) have not improved his looks for Celtics fans.

For many, he ditched the Celtics, he just gave up. Doc says, however, that Danny was the main cause of his departure and not him. Others say that he’s –very much like Ray– just another ring chaser and as soon as the opportunity came by he jumped all over it.

Still, whatever one can think about Doc right now, one fact remains: he brought Banner 17 to Boston.

So with him there are tons of mixed feelings and emotions, which brings us to today’s question: Will Doc get booed in his return to the Garden?

Matt Moore (@HPbasketball): “No. I think you have to pay attention to all the stuff to really boo him, to really care enough to boo. The casual fan won’t be aware of all the stuff with Simmons, or the back and forth and how ridiculous it got. There might be a smattering, but in all, the one thing Celtics fans love more than anything is resting on their historic laurels. Doc is a way to remind themselves that they are superior. They’ll relish that.”

GeeZeeCeltics: “Mixed cheers and boos, I think. It could be boos that will get drowned out by cheers later on. The opinions really divide on what the attitude toward Doc is. Some hold no ill will, some declare his actions worse than Ray Allen’s. I fall more into the first category. So I’ll just give him the respect he deserves – a good, solid applause for all the competitive years he had in Boston. When he draws an ATO play right out of his old playbook to hurt us in crunch time, I’ll boo him. Altogether, though, I think he won’t be hated that much.”

PakkAttackk: “Yeah & I think it’s deserved, to be honest. I’ll get over it quickly but the way he left leaves a bad taste in my mouth.”

HeisenCelts: “I think he will be booed but not by everyone. Like 50/50 I would say. Look, the way he left was not the best imaginable, as simple as that. Still, what he did for this team was nearly the best imaginable, simple as that. So there will be some who boo him and others who cheer him, and to me, he deserves both.”

DDB: “Partially.  But I’ll be cheering for him.  He stuck with Boston for 9 years.  That’s a long time in today’s professional sports scene.  Doc coached the team to Banner 17.  Found a way to connect with The Big Three.  Earned the respect of nearly ALL of his players through the years.  He perfected the art of handling the Boston media.  It was simply time for a change.  Not only for Doc, but for the Celtics organization.  From what I’m told, Doc leaving was 100% a mutual decision between Doc, Danny and Ownership.  To me, Ray Allen=Johnny Damon…..Doc Rivers= Terry Francona.  Let’s just cross our fingers that Brad Stevens is more John Farrell then Bobby V.

Verdict- CHEER!  Cheer loudly!  Make him miss us!”

KWAPT: “There will be some that boo him, yes. I think it will be 75% cheers, 25% boos.”

AusCelticsFan: “I’m certainly hoping not, but I expect there will be a certain contingent of the crowd who will be derisive of Doc Rivers, and express their emotions openly. We Celtics fans, most especially the great people of Boston bleed green and have loyalty pumping through their veins. The exact truth behind Doc Rivers departure is still not transparent, and as a result, Doc will just have to accept the wave of emotion at the TD Garden. However it manifests itself.”

Well our answers our as polarizing as Doc is around Boston right now. The day will come (December 11th, mark your calendars) and we will see what ends up happening. For now we want to see what you will do with him: boo or cheer? Sound off in the comments.

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