Our Summer Truths #15

0625-kris-humphies-getty-1Kris Humphries is a Celtic. Swallow that. Can you even picture it?

There are plenty of reasons to not like this guy, most of them personal and not basketball related, yes, but reasons still. He just doesn’t give the image of a nice human being who one would enjoy talking to. There’s the whole Kardashian drama and the 72 day marriage. Look, I can’t like a person who marries for 72 days just to make some money off some news channels, magazines, etc. I’m pretty sure that was what that marriage was all about.

Then there’s the Rondo incident, and I can’t tolerate anyone messing with my Rondo. First, go push whoever you want to the ground but not Kevin Garnett. Second, if Rondo wants you to get out of the way, just get out of the way. Third, go pick on someone your own size Kris –oh, no wait, you’d probably get killed. In addition to all of that, I don’t even want to remember his miserable attitude during the introductory press conference.

Point is Humphries brings with him reasons to dislike him. But even with that he’s a basketball player that somehow recently earned 12 million dollars a year. To get that money he’s probably respectable at the game, so he should be given a chance.

In today’s question, anyhow, its assumed that he won’t be given that chance by Celtics fans. Is that true? Question is: how loud will Kris Humphries be booed on a nightly basis at the Garden?

AusCelticsFan: “I’m yet to warm to Kris Humphries, however, the booing of any player in a Celtics uniform is something that I simply cannot abide with. Obviously, I can’t speak for anyone else.”

GeeZeeCeltics: “Not at all, I think. Once he starts playing actual basketball in a green jersey, fans will come around. Booing him may be an exercise for fans of other teams when the C’s visit, but I don’t expect Kris to be booed much (or at all) at the Garden.”

DDB: “I don’t think he gets booed much at all.  Boston is a blue collar city and Hump’s style of play is very Blue Collar.  Fans will be jumping up, spilling their beer in excitement the first time Kris dives on the floor for a loose ball or outhustles Reggie Evans for a rebound.  Besides, he’s a 12 Million Dollar expiring contract!!  I love expiring contracts!  Remember Theo Ratliff?  Nough said.”

KWAPT: “It honestly depends on his play. Celtics fans will forget everything very quickly in Humph plays hard and contributes. That’s just how we are. If not, it could get very ugly, very fast.”

PakkAttackk: “First few games? Probably a bit but I’m telling you guys, if he plays how he can play, he’ll be accepted here.”

HeisenCelts: “He will have a very short period of time to show he has something to bring to the team. Him failing to do that will result in A LOT of boos from not so patient Boston fans.”

Humphries probably isn’t all that bad after all. Yes, he hasn’t made the best decisions in his life but everyone makes mistakes sometimes. Celtics fans are one of the smartest in the league; if he plays alright, he’ll be alright. What do you think?

One thought on “Our Summer Truths #15

  1. I believe he will be booed at our home opener, for sure. With that said, our recent history of under-whelming big men (sans KG,) the abilities that Hump brings to the table will kind of be a sight for sore eyes. The boo’s will diminish quickly. New team, guys. I think everyone gets a fresh start this year, and who would we be to dismiss a player with a valuable skill-set. Even IF he is an asshole.

    We can grow to like Hump if he gives it 100%. He should WANT to be a Celtic, and he should be very excited for this second chance.

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