Jordan Crawford The Leader


This is something worthy of being posted on every basketball site that exists: Jordan Crawford says he is a leader on an NBA team. Welp, that team is our Boston Celtics.

We’re probably being too bad on the guy but the first reason I don’t like the idea of Jordan Crawford and leadership going together in a sentence is a simple one: the Washington Wizards dealt him away for absolutely nothing, a fouling center and an injured player.

The Washington Wizards wanted Jordan Crawford to get the hell away from their team. The Washington Wizards. If that happens, and then he is a leader on our team, then it probably is not a good thing for us.

I don’t think Jordan has either the work ethic or basketball IQ to be a leader in a young locker room with a clear need for a true leader. What is leadership for Crawford? Telling guys to shoot the ball whenever they can see the rim? Telling them to play defense whenever they’re feeling like it? Teach them to yell “AND-ONE” after every shot they take to try and trick the refs? Tell them to taunt players that are a million tiers ahead of them?

Seriously, what can leadership be for Crawford? I have no clue. Maybe this:

If Crawford just sticks to being what he is, an end of the bench guy who can try and score some points whenever you desperately need them, I don’t think he hurts the Boston Celtics. If he starts talking to Kelly Olynyk and Phil Pressey about how to approach the game, I do think he hurts. Because from what we’ve seen of Crawford in his years in the league, he is not even nearly qualified to lead.

This is being mean to Jordan Crawford, but I have not said one lie. He has never shown me nothing to believe he can teach valuable stuff to players new to the game. Who knows, maybe his talking is different to his game. But if your game doesn’t support your words then why on earth are you even talking?

This quote he gave out I just don’t trust: “I kinda got a strong personality, so people kinda gravitate towards me in locker rooms and on the court, so it’s my job to lead them in the right direction.” Why would a strong personality qualify you to lead? What should make guys gravitate towards him should be watching him dripping sweat in the gym, making 50 consecutive shots, running and running on that treadmill.

Jordan, you lead by example. Work hard on practice, take smart shots, play hard defense every possession of the game, and complain to refs when there’s actually something to complain about. If you do that, then you will be one of the leaders this team needs.

As of now, I’m extremely sorry but you’re not.

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