Our Summer Truths #16

nba-draftWe’re down to the last question of the summer. We’re pondering whether to continue the series or not, but as of now, this is it. It’s been two long weeks of trying to answer various issues surrounding the Celtics right now. Not one question has been easy to answer –well, perhaps the Fab Melo one was.

Anyway, in the last day, we’re looking at the question that will be answered the furthest down the line. After this season, the Celtics will most likely have a representative at the NBA draft lottery to try to give them luck and getting a top pick.

Still, what pick we get will not depend as much on luck rather than on how the team does this season. With all of the unanswered questions we have that is very difficult to predict. There are a million variables and still we’re looking at next year’s draft 10 months before it takes place.

Today’s question, and the last of the series is: Assuming no trades, at what slot will the Celtics be picking in the much anticipated 2014 NBA draft?

Matt Moore (@HPbasketball): “I’ll go with fifth. I think they’ll be bad, but not bad enough to go top three. Which is fine, because it opens up all kinds of opportunities for them, and takes the pressure off trying to draft the next franchise icon to follow Pierce, a tough act to follow.”

KWAPT: “7th overall.  Folks who are pro-tank have to remember it’s not as simple as just losing a bunch of games. There’s a tremendous amount of luck involved, and you never know how those ping-pong balls will fall. 2007 is a perfect example.”

DDB: “This all comes down to how long Rondo is down for.  If Rondo misses the first 1-2 months then forget about it.  It’s over.  The team will never recover.  At that point we can all start critiquing the 2014 draft class and daydreaming about Andrew Wiggins in Celtics green.  But if Rondo is in the opening night starting lineup then all bets are off.  I think with Rondo, this team is better than people think.  A Rondo/Bradley/Green/KO/Sully lineup is a nice compliment of skills.  Then you have Lee/Brooks/Wallace/Bass/Hump as reserves and whatever we can get out of Faverani.  That’s not a bad team.  I think 6th or 7th in the East. For the sake of this question…I’m assuming Rondo misses time AND there are no further trades.  Drum roll please……. “With the 6th pick in the 2014 NBA Draft.  The Boston Celtics Select………………”

PakkAttackk: “Worst (Best?) case scenario, 3rd. Best (Worst?) case scenario 10th. /crosses fingers for Julius Randle or Dante Exum”

GeeZeeCeltics: “It depends on various factors, most prominently Rondo and his return. Still, I don’t think this team is that bad to finish bottom-3, Rajon or no Rajon. The 4-7 pick range seems a good place to slot them at. I’ll shoot for the 7th pick. I really don’t think this team is THAT terrible, and there are other teams also putting their tank helmets on and getting in their Panzers. We’ll have to fight for that pick.”

HeisenCelts: “This requires being 100% objective. Still, leaving subjectivity out of the way is very difficult. That being said, I expect the Celtics to be real bad this year. I also expect Red to bring some luck on the night of the lottery. I’ll say 4th.”

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this series and special thanks to everyone who gave 5 minutes of their day to read it. I don’t doubt that next year has a fun season awaiting for us and as we go, the questions we posed here will be answered. We will be here to accept our mistakes in the answers or to brag a lot when we hit right on the answer.

If there are any questions you want us to answer, please leave them here.

Thanks to all of our readers again.

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