Celtic Way On LA?

"Hey, where are Chris and Blake?"

“Hey, where are Chris and Blake?”

As I surfed the web for my daily dose of Boston Celtics stuff, I came across more Doc Rivers quotes about the Celtics.

First of all let me say that I don’t agree with those on the side of “Can’t you just shut up about the Celtics already, Doc?” The reason I don’t agree with that is because he’s not like “Here, let me rant about the Celtics again”. No, he’s being asked question about the Celtics. We all know Doc is not the guy who will deny an answer to the media, Doc is the media’s paradise interview. So if people ask, he’ll answer. I’m on the side of “Stop asking him questions about the Celtics. Move on!”.

That said, the most interesting quote I found by Doc was not about Boston. It was about the Clippers (who would have said, huh). Media finally asked about players like Paul and Griffin instead of Garnett and Pierce, and Rivers delivered this absolute gem.

“Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, the first thing I asked them, I said, you know what bugged me? I watched the Finals, and you guys were on more than the game. You’re on every commercial. We need to get off the commercials and onto the floor.”

That is so Doc. Once again: team before personal image. Doc could not care less about the marketing of Paul and Griffin and all the extra money they can make by being in the middle of Hollywood. He cares about what they do on the parquet floor, nothing else.

We’ll see if Doc can install that mindset in LA as succesfully as he did in Boston when the 07-08 team was assembled. It was the Celtic way that Pierce, Garnett, and Allen embraced. It was the “team first” and “all-basketball” approach that they took that eventually led them to the championship.

Being in LA makes it a million times more difficult to focus purely on basketball. Doc will need to work hard to make his guys accomplish that. If Griffin starts thinking about what his next dunk on a commercial will be and Paul about what will Cliff Paul say on the next State-Farm appearance the Clippers will be screwed.

Its on Doc to get them on the floor more than on the commercials. We’ll see how succesful he can be.

Good luck with that, Doc. Here in Boston everyone’s in a gym.

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