Dionte Christmas has an NBA Home

Dionte Christmas

There is no way you don’t remember Dionte Christmas. He is impossible to forget just because of his awesome last name. You’ll remember that nearly every single Celtics fan out there was rooting for him to make the team, but unfortunately he didn’t.

It all started a year ago in Summer League, when we got to know about Dionte. In there he showed and extremely well-rounded game. He could dribble, pass, shoot, and rebound. He could do anything on the court; I remember he even guarded the opposing team’s best player. Celtics fans have always liked to see effort, and with Dionte that never missed. Wich is why we all rooted for him so bad.

We knew that he had a spot in this league, and that his abilities should make an NBA team give him a try. Instead, Dionte spent last season in Europe, not in the NBA. He was yet to fulfill his dream; but this summer, he was out there once again, trying, giving all out.

He played with Utah and Phoenix in Orlando’s and Vegas’ Summer League, once again showing his game was not restricted to one thing: he has multiple things to offer to any team. The year in Europe made him even hungrier than he already was I think, having been so close to playing in the NBA the year before. 

Yesterday, his efforts were rewarded by former Celtics Assistant GM, Ryan McDonough. Dionte was signed by the Phoenix Suns. I don’t know for sure how guaranteed his new deal is, but from McDonough’s statement in the signing’s press release it sounds like Christmas will finally be playing in the NBA next season. “We’re excited to add Dionte to our roster,” said Suns General Manager Ryan McDonough. “He was a key contributor for our Las Vegas Summer League team and his scoring ability, leadership and toughness will help us this season.

I really hope Christmas makes it. If there is someone who deserves the chance its him. He will put all of the work in, he will give maximum effort every time he’s out there, and he’s just an NBA player. He has the skills, the body, the athleticism.

Dionte Christmas is about to fulfill his lifetime dream. Let’s all root for him.

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