Who Do We Look Up To?

08-02-paul-pierceThis is the first ever guest post on Truth On Causeway. It was written by our fellow Celtics fan Santiago Noguera. You can follow him on twitter @noguerisimo. We want to thank Santiago for his work on this post and for his contribution to the site. We expect more guest posts from our visitors in the future. This is a site for everyone to spread their ideas. 

Larry Bird, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett. These are some of the biggest names in Celtics’ history.
There are four main reasons behind this:
  • They are all future hall of famers
  • All three of them won rings as Celtics
  • Whenever they had the uniform on, they would chase each ball as if it was their last
  • They were extraordinary leaders
Larry Bird was known to make his teammates look better; he was the captain of the Celtics from 1983 until his retirement in 1992. After Bird retired, the Captain role was passed around like a baton between Antoine Walker and other players from 1993 until 2000. Then, in 2000, Paul “The Truth” Pierce shared the Captain position with Walker all the way up to 2003, when Pierce ultimately became the sole captain of the team.

His leadership skills and love for the Celtics lasted until 2013, when he was traded with KG to the Brooklyn Nets, a heart breaking trade to all of us fans. Speaking of KG, Kevin “The Big Ticket” Garnett, was not only a leader but the anchor of the Celtics’ defense in the 2008 championship team and all the way through to 2013.

With the Celtics always having a great leadership presence on the court, who do they look up to now?

The rebuilding and young Green squad is going to need a leader for this season. Is it going to be Rondo, an elite NBA point guard that tends to lose his head? Do you remember incidents such as bumping a referee in the 2013 season, or when he threw the ball to another referee in the 2012 season?

Is it going to be the self proclaimed Jordan Crawford? He seems to want this role and even came out and said that younger Celtics are starting to look up to him. Here’s the thing, though – when he speaks to the media, we don’t even understand half the stuff he says. With a low basketball IQ, how will he assume a leadership role? I say he’s not fit to be a leader.

With the season coming in closer, the Celtics currently do not have a player that is a clear-cut captain. Who is going to step up? Is Rondo going to show maturity? Is Jordan Crawford going to live up to his self proclaimed title? Will someone completely unexpected rise up to the action?

In my opinion, there is not going to be a leader other than Brad Stevens until around halfway through the regular season, when Jeff Green is going to assume the role. Jeff Green did not have a big impact on the Celtics until the closing of the 2012-2013 season when he assumed the starting role for 17 games and absolutely blew up in the court and showed everyone what he is capable of.

If Jeff Green is consistent with his play throughout the season, he will become the leader of the team and, along with Rondo, will be one of the key pieces for a successful rebuild.

One thought on “Who Do We Look Up To?

  1. way to capture what Bird, KG, and Pierce meant to the Celtic organizations and the fans… what´s certain is that there is definitely a void as far as team leader and captian of the team are concerned….

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