Stevens on Rondo: “He’s a worker”

grweafgaegvBrad Stevens gave a nice little interview to the Celtics media in the Celtics day of service, where they joined Harvard Pilgrim Health Care and City Year to renovate an elementary school and then host a basketball clinic.

Interesting stuff was said, but my immediate takeaway was that the Rondo-Stevens relationship is looking real good. 

From what Brad said about Rondo, it sounds like they’ve been talking a lot, sharing plans and ideas for the season, and just interacting nicely. 

This is probably the most important relationship in the entire franchise for the next years so its nice to see that its started on the right foot. Two brilliant basketball minds like the ones those two have can take us really far in what the franchise can accomplish. 

Here’s what Stevens had to say in relation to his star point guard: 

“Rondo was here last week the whole week. It was great. I spent a lot of time with him on the basketball court. He’s obviously limited on what he can do on the court, but he’s a worker, I mean that’s one thing that was very noticeable, his work ethic is very good;  and it impacts the other guys in the gym. So we spent a lot of time together and it was great the whole time.”

I love the sound of all of that. Rondo –> hard work –> contagious to other guys. Just what we want to here a few weeks before the official practices begin. Add to that the fact that Stevens and Rondo spent A LOT of time together and I’m extremely excited. 

Then Stevens was asked about how he thinks Rondo might approach next season and here is what he said:

“My general sense is he’s really excited. He is excited about the challenge of a new season, he is excited about the challenge of a new situation. He seems to be excited […] Every time we’ve talked it’s been a really engaging conversation.”

This is probably what Stevens just has to say, but he sounds completely honest. I trust what he’s saying, and I trust that the Boston Celtics rebuild has started just the way it should have. 

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