NBA Offseason Report Card


Probably around a week ago revealed their offseason report cards for all 30 teams in the league. Essentially they gave a grade to each team, from an A+ to an F. They divided each team in 5 categories, gave a grade to each and then calculated the overall grade for the team.

Sometimes fans believe their team had a fantastic offseason when they actually didn’t do anything, or sometimes they think they had an awful offseason by only getting veteran minimum players. I am one who believes that the offseason is extremely difficult to grade before a single game is played.

Anyway, here is how John Schuhmann sees the Celtics:

Frontcourt: D. They lost KG, simple as that.

Backcourt: B. Anytime Rondo is on your team that’s good.

Defense: C. They lost their anchor in KG, but having Avery Bradley there will help. (Apparently Wallace will help here too).

Bench: C. This one worries me: “The good news is┬áthat a backcourt combination of MarShon Brooks and Jordan Crawford could be very entertaining.” I don’t see that as good news, welp.

Coaching: C. This is the toughest one because how are you going to grade a coach who has never coached an NBA game?

Finally, Schuhmann gives the Celtics offseason a C. It sounds fair. They lost their captain, their heart and soul, and their wonderful coach. Still, what Danny got in return will help a lot in the future – which is simething Schuhmann apparently did not take into account much. The trade exception and the picks will be huge assets going forward. And I’m sorry to break this to you but Avery, Sullinger, Olynyk, Green, etc are amazing assets too.

This is a brandnew team. Ainge started off the rebuild the way it should have started. Lets see how we can grade him once we see some games.

If you still want to give a grade to the offseason now, we have a poll here.

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