The philosophy that Doc Rivers installed on the franchise in 2007, and which can be pretty much the same “Celtic Pride” we have always known, cannot disappear in this rebuilding stage. Rondo is the only one left who heard Rivers talk about Ubuntu in 2007, but that can’t be an excuse for it to fly away from the Boston Celtics.

“I am who I am because of who we all are” is the perfect philosophy for such a team sport as basketball is. If someone fails to do their work the entire machine falls apart (which is why we could not afford to keep Fab on our team).

Ubuntu is simply ‘togetherness’. Africans describe it as “I want you to be all you can be because that’s the only way I can be all that I can be.”

Want to make it more colloquial? ‘All for one and one for all.’ That’s it, in the simple way.

And that is all the new Celtics need to embrace for next year and for everything that’s coming.

It all starts with Brad Stevens, who from the second he took the Boston job had already embraced the Celtics culture and tradition. Ubuntu and Celtic Pride. Even so, it’s not like he had to embrace it, because he’s always been that way. “I’m not one of these guys who is crazy enough to think that I’m here because of me.” Then why is he the head coach of the Boston Celtics? Because of everyone surrounding him, from his family to the Butler organization.

“I am who I am because of who we all are”

Stevens has also repeatedly said how he believes in just being the very best you can be. That comes with preparation, not only individually in the gym, but with playing basketball with teammates. What he plans on doing next season has Celtic Pride written all over it: “We’ll try to give everything we have for the collective good.”

“This whole place has been built on a team-first mindset,” Stevens says, and he is right. Celtic Pride has always been about building a family in the Celtic locker room, where everyone is in a brotherhood which has the one goal to lead the team to success.

Who else than Red Auerbach to explain how Celtic Pride started and developed: “We thought, ‘We gotta have this team like a family.’ We did things that this other teams wouldn’t do, and after a while these guys would start to believe in it.”

For everything that the Celtics will want to do in the future, Ubuntu and Celtic Pride will have to be there, in every single member of the organization. For embracing the process of growth, everyone will have to be together like they’re all family. As Sullinger said, “You got to understand, when you’re a Celtic you have Celtic Pride. You got to bleed green or you might as well get out of town.”

There are no other teams in the league with such a culture and tradition like the Celtics have. That stuff is not only important for the history and to enrich the past, it’s important for the future of the team.

Red stated it a while ago: “So we’re very proud of that, and we hope to continue it.”

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