One Week Before Media Day

This is Media Day

This is Media Day

We’re almost here. If there is something I hate about the NBA, its the long offseasons. They are way too long. The wait is excruciating for fans.

So we’re one week away from Media Day and the media will have lots of new guys to get acquinted with. From Drew Cannon to Ron Adams, from Gerald Wallace to Vitor Faverani, the media has some work to do next Monday.

This will be just as new for them as it will be for the guys, no one knows no one here.  Most known guys are Rondo, Avery, Bass, and Green. The rest have a pretty hard job: try to be as good with the media as Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce were.

Alright, that ain’t happening, so let’s not even touch that.¬†

There are plenty of things I’m looking forward to with Media Day.

For one, I want Sullinger to talk about his ‘incident’. We read his apology, but I want to hear his side of the story. Media Day should not be for personal stories, but this Sullinger case is important enough to be the exception.

I want to read the first “OMG, Rondo was great today! Can he be changing?” article from any writer or anything. I want to see how Rondo behaves with the spotlight on him – even if injured. Also on Rondo, I want to hear him talk about his own injury. How is he doing? How is he feeling? Maybe a timetable?

I want to hear from Gerald Wallace and Vitor Faverani for the first time since they’ve been Celtics. Both of them are yet to talk to anyone yet while being Celtics so it should be interesting to know what they have to say. Also, as a spanish speaker, I really want to listen to Faverani’s accent, I might identify myself with it. We’ll see.

You can’t blame me for this one. Someone has to make Jordan Crawford specify on his leadership thing. I bet he read what everyone around Boston had to say about his leadership comments, so he should have something to say about it again. Just let it be something coherent and intelligent, Jordan.

Speaking about leaders, how will Jeff handle the “you’re the man now” talk? He will be tested immediately, seeing if he can emerge as a locker room figure. How will he deal with it is yet to be seen. Being asked about how he’ll lead, how he’ll handle pressure, more responsibilities, etc, will not be easy to handle at all.

I want to see against which door Fab hits himself this time. Oh, wait, nope. He’s gone. Yay!

Also, seeing the guys in their actual uniforms is always nice. Sometimes you just can’t picture it before you actually get a look at it. For example, how will Pressey the shorty look? Will KO’s hair actually mesh with the jersey? Can you imagine Kelly’s gold hair along the gold St. Pattys jersey?

Then there are the assistant coaches, who we haven’t really heard from yet except from Larranaga in Summer League and a bit from McCarty in earlier days. I truly want to listen to Adams’ knowledge and Micah Shrewsberry has the looks of a really fun guy.

Of course I want to listen to Stevens again, I could hear him talk forever. This time he should also have more concrete stuff to say being ultimately prepared for the season to begin.

Comcast SportsNet should also be filming their usual game intros beacuse the guys who had always been there are gone now. Who will get us excited before the games now? Please don’t make that guy Humphries, Comcast, please just don’t.

This will be weird, but also, are there any new media guys? Last year Baxter Holmes entered the beat and he has rocked it from the first day he was here. Any new cases like that? Oh, I’ll also miss Molly.

This is a whole new team, and Media Day will be the first time ever they are all together. Lots of stuff will be said, lots of pictures will be taken, and it should all be pretty interesting for us fans.

Actually, right now anything basketball related will get our attention.


2 thoughts on “One Week Before Media Day

  1. I’m excited for media day but I personally feel like Sully shouldn’t have to speak about the domestic case. It’s a private issue & I feel like it should stay private. If him & the organization are cool then I’m cool. I’m more focused on Rondo & his approach to the season.

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