Avery Has a Lot Going On

Houston Rockets v Boston Celtics

The last few weeks have been an emotional roller coaster for Avery Bradley. 

His mom passed away at the extremely young age of 46 around a week ago, and just yesterday he welcomed his first son to the world – Avery III. Being in that emotinal whirlwind has to be the greatest challenge yet in Avery’s life. We are all with him in mourning the loss of his mom and welcoming his child to life. 

As if the personal side of his life was not enough yet, the basketball side is really not giving him much breathing space either. 

Avery is set to have the pressure of playing point guard again with Rondo out for the start of the season and an un-drafted rookie as the only other PG on the roster. Playing the point did not show Avery’s best abilities at all, and instead showed many of his weaknesses. Still, having that role and responsibility can only help him grow as a player and expand his game for a better career. 

Its good that he at least is supposedly excited for the challenge and that Brad Stevens has his back.


On top of that, the deadline for giving him an extension is nearing and that matter is nowhere near resolved. Should he not be extended before October 31st, he will become a restricted free agent next offseason. The Celtics would be at risk of someone throwing ridicoulous money at Avery and taking their defensive star away. Still, working an extension before the deadline will be very difficult. No one knows yet how he fits in Brad Stevens’ system and his value will be hard to determine right now. What’s reasonable money to throw his way? 

But then again, you don’t want to overpay him in the next offseason just to make him stay, so the Celtics are in the middle of a tough dilemma. Even Avery himself has no reason to sign an extension right now if he believes he can have more money waiting for him next offseason. 

Ainge said its not very probable they reach an extension before the deadline: “We may talk in October, but most likely next summer.”

All in all, Avery has a lot in front of him right now. He is a tough, hard-working kid so he’ll embrace the challenges and do his best to overcome them. But his situation right now requires a lot of mental toughness and focus. We’ll see what Avery is made of. 



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