Humphries Gains One Point


All summer long, I’ve disliked the fact that the Kardashian dude is a Boston Celtic. I’ve had some days in which I try to talk myself into it; he can rebound and run and that is very needed here, but that’s as far as I’ve gone.

Still, Kris Humphries, to me , does not fit the role of being a Boston Celtic. We’ll see how that goes, but as of now that is nearly a truth and not an opinion. 

In his latest media interview while doing a boat ride for the Shamrock Foundation, Humphries showed one extremely valuable thing, which makes him gain one point with me: honesty. It really is as simple as that. If I (and many other Celtics fans) am going to accept Hump on my beloved team, small steps like this will be huge.

I don’t want to be hating on him all season long, but if he makes me, then I’ll do it.

Anyways, here are the comments from Humphries:

“I’ve been in Jersey for like 3 years. I didn’t really think I would end up in Boston, but after being here I like it and I’m excited to just work and get better with this team. You know, it took a minute, I’m not gonna sit here and say I was sitting there like, and it felt good right away. It took some time to adjust to it.”

The NBA is a business, but that part of being forced to switch where you live, your life style, and everything in a heartbeat, just can’t be easy. Which is why one should probably understand Hump’s attitude in the press conference.

But we’re fans and we want everyone to say like “Oh my God, the Boston Celtics, best day of my life. Woooo!”

But not everyone has to feel that way, and Humphries didn’t. Then again, he was honest with his recent comments, which is all you can ask for.

And now we look at the bright side. It took some time to adjust to it but now he’s excited to be here. He won’t be a part of the Celtics future, but him having a solid season could be extremely valuable for the team when Danny tries do deal him.

One thought on “Humphries Gains One Point

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