KG And Loyalty 6 Years Ago

Atlanta Hawks v Boston Celtics

I was going back through one of the most enjoyable books I’ve ever read, “Top Of the World”, when I found a pretty amazing quote from Doc Rivers on Kevin Garnett’s loyalty before he was a Celtic. The book, written by Peter May, is a fantastic read on the Celtics latest championship season, if you have some time, definetely check it out.

To give some context for the quote, let’s go back to the ’07 offseason.

The Celtics lost the lottery badly and decided the way back to contention was not the eternal praying for the No. 1 overall pick: “Hell, if we’re waiting for No. 1 to happen to become a good team, then we’re going to be waiting for a long, long time. We’re going to have to go out and make something happen,” said Doc Rivers at the time.

And so they did. Danny Ainge started looking for Kevin Garnett, who had not sigend an extension with Minnesota, making him kind of available for the rest of the league. If you can all remember right, KG was not going to come to Boston at first for two reasons.

1. The Celtics were not in a much better state than Minnesota was.

2. Loyalty, and here is where THE quote goes: “But what impressed me the most in talking to him was that he didn’t want the state of Minnesota to think he was bailing on them, that was his whole passion. He kept saying, ‘I didn’t ask to get traded. I didn’t want to get traded.’ That’s what upset him more than anything.”

Its amazing really the kind of human being KG is. He’s so unique in the NBA. He is just a wonderful man.

As of now, I do not want to associate that quote with the current situation, but I do not think he wanted to get traded out of Boston either. KG hates change, despises it.

And no one here has even the slighest thought that Kevin was bailing on Boston.

I believe the greatest loyalty KG will ever have is the one he showed with Doc Rivers, Paul Pierce, Rajon Rondo, and the Boston Celtics.

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