Rondo and Stevens are Best Friends



When going through everything said, and all the pictures taken today in Media Day, this has to be the one thing that stood out the most to me. Listening to Rondo – who most of the NBA world doubted could let a young coach take command – say this about his relationship with Coach Stevens is extremely nice.

It can’t be said enough how this one relationship is probably the most essential one of the franchise. The future of the team is standing over the relationship of these two. If the relationship crumbles, the team will go down and it won’t be pretty.

As of now, no concerns and everything is seemingly working out perfectly. They’ve been sharing ideas, watching tape together, and as Rondo says above they laugh and joke everyday.

The Celtics are really the team of Rondo and Stevens right now. Stevens is above in the chain of command, but lose Rondo and he’ll be the last on that chain in a heartbeat. I don’t see any scenario in which that happens, especially after everything said today, and everything needs to work into keeping the relationship as it is now.

“I’m very supportive of him and he’s been very supportive of me.”

Rondo’s words were absolutely encouraging, and what all fans wanted to hear.

With these two beautiful basketball minds working together and being on the same page, the final product has a chance of being in the all-time greats.

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