Finally, Rondo on Rondo’s return


This is what I’ve wanted to hear for the entire summer: Rajon Rondo taking about his injury, because he’s the only person in the world who can truly know how he’s doing. Allow me to say seeing this guy back in Celtic Green is an incredibly pleasant site for my eyes. 

His return date is up in the air, and we know it can be any time except Oct 30th. Simple as that. From there on, I guess anyone’s guess is good.

What is important here is Rajon’s mentality towards the injury.

We know he’s been working hard and expecting less from such a competitor would be wrong. He’s also been talking to guys like Perk, Tony Allen, and Wes Welker about the injury and the recovery process.

An ACL tear is probably in the top injuries an athlete can suffer. Getting to use your leg normally again, with all the pressure that involves with the constant jumping and running can be extremely tough.

Good news: when asked how he is feeling with his injury right now, Rajon replied with the word ‘strong’ and nothing else. I guess if he feels the strength in his leg, that’s a big step.

As we move into training camp, Rondo has not been cleared for contact yet – and it may take a while before that happens – but the important thing here is for him to come when he feels he’s ready.

Whenever that is the team will take it, because this is Rondo’s team.

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