Green/White Jerseys

Green for starters; White for bench?

Green for starters; White for bench?

If you can recall correctly from the last few years, one of the things to watch during training camp was who was wearing green jerseys and who was wearing white ones. Why? Because those usually told who the starter group was going to be.

I remember KG and Pierce wearing green, and then anyone else wearing it was bound to become a starter.

For now, this issue has not even been mentioned by anyone. It hasn’t been brought up, and apparently, from pictures coming out from the media, anyone is wearing green or white as they please. They are only going through drills and they are establishing their offensive and defensive schemes so as of now, green and white teams don’t matter a whole lot.

However, soon the team should start scrimagging and there you will begin to see what combinations Brad Stevens and the staff are liking. I can’t say for sure who will be starters but it will be a pretty safe bet to say that whatever jersey color Jeff Green is wearing will be the jersey of the starters. (My money is on green)

Maybe, this season who starts is not that big of a story. I believe that whoever starts on October 30th might not be starting on November the 1st. That’s how I think this season will go.

Still, following the story of who’s in green and who’s in white has always been fun. At this moment nearly any one can start. From Vitor, to Wallace, to KO and to Pressey, everyone has a chance. What they do in training camp will most likely determine who will be where on the rotation at least for the first few weeks of the season.

Just for the fun of the exercise, here are my thoughts on the guys’ jersey colors:


  • Avery
  • Crawford
  • Green
  • Humphries
  • Sullinger
  • Lee
  • Bass


  • Pressey
  • Brooks
  • Bogans
  • Wallace
  • Olynyk
  • Faverani

I’m the only one anxious for the green/white stories to surface?

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