Olynyk’s Greatest Quote


A major reason why Sullinger and Olynyk have been so liked and accepted here in Boston has been how they’ve embraced what being a Celtic means. Their play has been great – for Sully last year, and KO in Summer League – but what they’ve said off the court about playing for the Celtics has been very pleasant to hear. In fact, they’ve not only been talking. They have been backing up their talk in practice and games, always giving their all.

It was just yesterday that when the two practice sessions ended, Olynyk stayed with fellow rookie Pressey to put up some more shots and Jared stayed to exercise on the bike. Sullinger has said he still needs to work on his conditioning to get where HE wants to be, and he’s backing it up with work.

For me, Sully’s greatest quote came during summer league, where he gave an interview to HoopsWorld and delivered this gem: “When you’re a Celtic, you have Celtic Pride. You got to bleed green or you might as well get out of town.”

I’ve been in love with Sullinger since draft day, but when he said that was when he truly got me. I was very, very, very impressed.

Now, I found this quote by KO. This is his gem for now, a pretty good one: “I’ve been called too slow, not athletic; you know what those same people are calling me today? A Boston Celtic.”

Alright Sunshine, you got me pal. What a quote.

Like ‘I don’t care what you call me as long as you call me a Celtic because that’s all that matters’.

Embracing the Celtic culture and tradition is not easy. It certainly isn’t for everyone.

I’m extremely glad to see that Olynyk and Sullinger have taken the Celtic philosophy as their own.

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