Recap: This is Preseason


First of all, if you saw this one, congratulations, you really love this team. Now let me try to recap this thing for all of you who actually have lives.

Pierce was wearing nothing green which was very weird to see. It was not really very important but when he comes back to the Garden with KG that will truly be one of the most sentimental nights of our lives. Truth was the great role player he’ll be for the Nets ending up with 4 PTS, 10 REB, and 5 AST.

Now for the Celtics:

Remember that good start against the Knicks? Well, that was because that Knicks team was bad. Brad Stevens used the same starting lineup and the Celtics fell by 10 early in the first quarter. Lopez came out with a purpose of killing Sullinger out there with his height, which resulted in a quick personal against Sully, plenty of points for Lopez, and once the focus was on the 7 footer, plenty of looks for Andray Blatche.

When Humphries came in things got a little better with him battling on the boards and playing with much more physicality, which resulted in the Celtics being down 24-18 after the first.

The second quarter was more of the same. Brook Lopez killed the C’s and Humphries was the only one doing anything about it. No one was looking good on the offensive end, but Humohries ended up with 10 before the half just as a result of his efforts. All and all, the first half can be summarized by this:

The second half was just preseason basketball at its best. It was awful. Brick after brick, PUJIT after PUJIT, and no one seemed to try on defense. Somehow, ┬áthe Nets were also pretty bad – oh right they weren’t playing very good players – and the score was very close throughout. As a brightspot, the Celtics were forcing some turnovers leading to easy scores on transition in the third. Green showed some flashes, but once again he wasn’t agressive enough, He played the entire 3rd, so he had the time to get into a rythm and it never happened.

The fourth was woeful, it resembled more pickup ball than NBA ball, Jordan Crawford seemed to love this, and we all wanted to change the channel. However we all stayed to witness a close game. With the Celtics down 6 at the 2:16 mark, Lee drilled two consecutive 3 balls to tie the ball game at 80. He then had a chance for the go ahead basket and missed, Brooklyn got a couple free throws that they made, Lee got another solid look – this time to tie the game – and missed again. We all panicked thinking this could go to OT, but at the end Brooklyn got away with an 82-80 win.

This summarizes the second half:

Some other notes from today:

  • Pressey played only 5 minutes in which he dished out a couple assists and got a rebound.
  • Brooks played only 2 minutes in which he did nothing.
  • Non of the training camp invites played. Stevens wanted this win, playing veterans like Bass, Lee, Wallace, Crawford and Humphries at the end.
  • Kelly Olynyk led the team in +/- with a +10. Rook looked solid for a while. Drilled jumpers and showed his great mobility in transition.
  • Green is yet to wakeup having 12 points in 11 shots and only 2 rebounds. His rebounding needs to move up, seriously.
  • The guards keep rebounding as this time Avery had 9 to lead the team. Talking about rebounds, Sullinger did not grab a single one, which has me thinking the world might end tonight.
  • Wallace shot a lot again from the perimeter but this time they weren’t falling as he was 2-9 from the field.
  • Avery REALLY looks uncomfortable at the point. Crawford took a step back tonight as he had some ugly turnovers and questionable shots, but he still looks like the best option at the point.
  • Oh, the refs keep insisting with the delay of game calls, but the players are kinda getting used to them.

That might be it. This was not a pleasant game to watch at all, but hey, its Celtic basketball, we’ll be here.

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