The Match-Up That Can Get Green Going?

It’s no secret around Boston that Jeff Green has had an extremely underwhelming performance in his first 4 games of the preseason. His averages during these four games will tell you just that, if you haven’t been watching: 7.8 points, 1.8 assists, 1.5 rebounds, and 1 block over 23 minutes per game.

Though we should notice his little playing time, we were expecting MUCH more from Green during these games. He’s supposed to be the guy on Boston now with Rondo out, but he’s shown nothing to prove that.

Even Gerald Wallace is outplaying him now – and by a far margin.

Green’s job this season is supposed to be to get consistency and eliminate all the ‘meh’ nights from his system. Right now, he’s not been nearly agressive enough to do so, turning again into that ‘Oh he exists?’ player on the roster.

This is the smallest sample size ever, we’re overreacting, and this could be absolutely nothing, but it is what has happened so far so we talk about it.

However, Green will be [hopefully] facing Paul Pierce tonight. (Most probably Truth will play and Garnett won’t, as Pierce rested last night and Garnett did play).

Green was in Boston for 2 years and a half, always watching Paul Pierce as the man. Pierce was the Boston Celtics.

Now, Green is supposed to have taken the baton from him with his departure. Jeff should want to show Pierce that he’s ready to take charge and assume the role that was his for 15 years.

Against Pierce, Jeff should become an asshole. Not only to prove Garnett is right with all of his praise while Garnett himself watches from the opposing bench, but to try and show Pierce – respectfully – that he won’t be missed a whole lot in BeanTown.

What was that he said yesterday? He hasn’t talked to them since the trade and he’s moved on.

Time to prove it by trying to kill Pierce on the court. There should be no room for lazyness tonight. It should all be agressive drives, trying to post up Pierce, jumping all over him for rebounds, and much more.

Maybe I’m making a whole lot more than there is from this, but if there’s a time in the preseason for Jeff to wake up, tonight is that night.

Let us Celtics fans leave Pierce in the past because he’s murdering him on the court.

*Oh, I love preseason overreactions. I love them*

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