Brad Stevens’ Focus On Building

Brad Stevens

After the jump from the college ranks to the pros, and without the best imaginable roster to work with, Brad Stevens is simply focusing on building something that will show results in the future.

He’s focusing on building the Boston Celtics for success, no matter how tough this season can get with all of the losses.

He isn’t RE-building.

He’s bulding a new team, with a new identity with the guys he has here. Stevens is creating his own form of Celtic basketball, hopefully creating an era that will lead to banners and rings.

Howard Beck, now with Bleacher Report, had a nice article on Stevens and how he’ll adapt to the NBA and to the challenges ahead for him:

As a franchise, the Boston Celtics are focused on the future—on the talent-rich 2014 draft, the promise of cap room in 2015 and, perhaps most critically, whether to rebuild around Rondo or to trade him.

There will be nine rookie coaches in the NBA this season, and several who face tough rebuilding projects. But Stevens is the only one who is coming straight from the college ranks, working for one of the league’s most storied franchises and following in the footsteps of a legend.

“You can look at all that stuff and feel like its daunting,” Stevens said, “or you can look at it as a great opportunity to build something.”


“The single best skill I believe that Brad has is his ability to communicate,” said Barry Collier, the Butler athletic director and a mentor to Stevens. “You’re dealing with an incredibly honest person who’s going to try to find a way to appreciate the individual talents that anyone brings.”

Collier added, “Brad is more of a process guy and is able to weather the storm and let the process work, which is going to take time. He knows they’ll be better down the road than they are today.”

Brad is the man for this job. He knows what he’s doing and he’s got the intelligence and teaching ability to pull it off. He keeps talking about the process, but I prefer the way ‘building’ sounds.

He’s building something, from scratch, brick by brick, adding each and every necessary layer of cement with patience, and eventually, one day a beautiful, tall building will rise high over the rest.

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