KG/Pierce Saving Their Return For When It Counts

Forever weird

While Pierce has already played against the Celtics once, him and KG are leaving their return to the Garden for January 26th. If that date isn’t circled, highlighted, crossed, etc in your calendars right, now you’re wrong.

This Wednesday the Nets will visit the Garden to play the Celtics in what will be Boston’s last preseason game before the start of the regular season on October 30th. Its unclear if KG and Pierce wil travel, but now we know they definetely won’t be playing.

This was expected, but its definetely nice to see confirmation from Coach Kidd – this is still odd to write.

“As of right now, those two won’t play in Boston,” Kidd said. “They’ll play in the final (preseason) game (in Miami on Friday),” Kidd said.

Pierce knows that his return to the Garden to play in another uniform will be a huge moment in his career. He isn’t wasting in on preseason.

Same goes for KG.

Now this last preseason game will be probably the game in which the rotation settles and definetely not the game in which both KG and PP play against the Green. Thank God.

Save your tears, applauses, emotions, and everything else for January 26th.


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