The Last Nobody Cares Game


The Celtics are playing their 8th and last preseason game today at the TD Garden against the Brooklyn Nets at 7 PM.

This time, neither KG or Pierce will be dressing for the black and white team, leaving their emotional return to Boson for the regular season game taking place on January 26th.

Terry will be the lone former Celtic playing, but he certainly won’t be the focus of the game.

The focus will be on the Celtics. With this being the last game before wins and losses actually start counting, all our eyes will be wide open looking attentively to details. This game might reveal a lot.

Here are some questions/expectations for tonight:

1. Starting lineup (and rotation) settled. This should be the game in which Brad Stevens uses his guys as he will for the first few games of the season. No need to keep experimenting now. Settle with what he thinks is working best right now.

2. Wallace and Green sharing time on the court. These two are probably the mosy versatile guys on the roster and Stevens will use them accordingly. Wether they’re playing the 2-3 or the 3-4 combo, we saw last game that they can succeed together and benefit from each other. The transition game with both on the court at the same time turns much more entertaining and dangerous.

3. Figuring out Brooks and Lee. So far these couple of dudes have been the so-so players. Lee has seen more court time, but Brooks has shown some flashes of potential and skills needed by the team. Who plays more tonight should determine which way Stevens is leaning on. Lee’s defense and more certainty or Brooks’ flashes of scoring?

4. One other factor influencing the guard talk will be Phil Pressey. Will he be given the back-up point guard role? He’s shown he can handle the team and he has made guys around him better. To me he should be the third most important guard after Avery and Crawford.

5. Now come the other rookies: Faverani and Olynyk. KO should have a clear role off the bench but Faverani has been one of those in-out guys so far. This pair could be the front court combo off the bench, providing size, running, and scoring.

6. Green figures it out. He’s aggressive, he drives to the hole, runs in transition, posts up, everything. He finally gets his first 20 point game. He’s due. He’ll be ready.

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