Rajon Rondo made himself available for the media yesterday after the end of the game against Brooklyn. I don’t think he was by no means obligated to do this, so him talking on personal motivation is a good sign.

Rondo was also smart by choosing a night in which there wasn’t plenty of media. Many media people were on the Red Sox game, who are in the middle of the World Series. RR is just a smart little fella.

So the most important talk coming out was related to his knee:

  • He will return on the 2013-14 season
  • His leg is probably at 87% (Where did that number come from no one knows, it most certainly is nothing)
  • He got fitted for first brace so he predicts contact could be coming soon. He’s waiting for doctor’s instructions
  • He’s feeling stronger with every passing week
  • He’ll know when the knee is right. He’ll return when he can jump off his right leg and dunk the ball. Won’t come back unless he knows he is himself again
  • Once he returns he doesn’t want to be ‘eased back’, wants to go full speed with no limitations. (Ala D-Rose?)
  • He’s doing more compound workouts instead of doing 1 per day.

Not a lot of detail here actually. Could return any time, though the brace thing is encouraging. Still, he could begin light contact soon and don’t play true ball till way later. Anything can happen. The one thing that matters is that he’s feeling good and apparently positive.

Other tidbits from his mini press conference:

  • On similarities between him and Brad Stevens: “We both love numbers. We’re both numbers guys.”
  • He also said that Stevens isn’t very strict, rather letting guys go out there and play the game. Only one condition though, play every possession extremely hard.
  • He’s now reading the second book recommended by Stevens. The first one he read, “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success”, became his favorite book. Rondo said he’s reading more than he ever did on college.
  • RR talked about Bass’ leadership: “Brandon is always in the weight room, he’s always on the court early. You don’t always have tp talk to be a leader”

All in all, its just very pleasant to hear from Rajon himself every now and then.

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