Preseason Recap #2


Today we keep recapping the preseason with a new question to be answered in our round table.

The question for today addresses Gerald Wallace, who has been more than just a contract for the Celtics as of now. A case can be made that he was the best player of the preseason. What’s definite is that he was the one playing with the best effort out there.

It doesn’t hurt that he’s showing some veteran leadership too. In this locker room with so much youth, vets like Wallace have to be a nice commodity.

So today’s question goes as follows: What can you make of Gerald Wallace? What’s his future?

GeeZeeCeltics: “Wallace is a good player and it shows. He was grossly underused in Brooklyn, I think. Here, he can show that he still has something in the tank, but the problem is that it all is for naught, seeing how he very likely won’t win a title in Boston. That would mean an incoming trade, however, Crash’s contract is a big hurdle to overcome in that department. It has been proven in the NBA that no contract is untradeable, though, so I’m banking that Wallace gets traded at some point.”

PakkAttackk: “He plays hard. Against the Timberwolves, he knocked the ball loose from Rubio & dove on the floor trying to get it, in PRESEASON. Wallace could have came into this season & caused problems to get out. While he does want out (to chase an elusive ring), he’s been our leading scorer & in discussion for our best preseason player not out of talent, but out of effort. A side note, I think Wallace’s defensive focus & all out approach will help create good habits, especially on the defensive end of the floor.”

JoshZavadil: “What do I make of Gerald Wallace? I make that he’s a hardworking player who will probably continue to be awful from the floor and will make me wish he had stayed in Tuscaloosa for four years, because I’m a selfish Alabama fan. His future with the Celtics? I have no idea. I think Boston will end up using the stretch provision on him. But my wishful thought is that he’ll play well, stay healthy and somehow the front office will be able to send him away into the Land of Players Boston Doesn’t Have To Worry About Being On Their Roster Ever Again.”

TreyAdell: “I sort of like him. His contract makes it hard for me to love having him on the team but it could be nice having a veteran presence around these guys for a bit. For his future, I think that if Danny could he’d trade him immediately. His $11M cap figure this year and the $30M he’s still owed isn’t going to help this franchise rebuild especially with a team that “might” be forced in giving out a max contract to it’s star player next season.”

KWAPT: “Wallace came to Boston in a tough spot-similar to when Jeff came here in exchange for Perk. Wallace is coming to the Celtics as part of the deal for KG & Pierce, the darlings of this team, and was basically nowhere to be found all summer. Folks seemed to think he “didn’t want to be here” blah, blah, blah. Couple that with all the $ he’s owed, and fans weren’t terribly excited about him. But as we’ve seen of late, he’s serious about competing, and is going to do whatever he can to bring veteran experience & good work ethic to this team. If Wallace can stay healthy, he may surprise folks an emerge as one of the leaders on this squad.”

HeisenCelts: “The first thing to be said here is that most certainly he is not a part of the Celtics’ future plans. So if he keeps up this level of play, great, he might make his contract more tradeable and get Danny some assets in return. If he plays great and isn’t traded, well you have a guy who is making the team better. If nothing else, he’s proven to be a guy who’ll play with effort and be a leader in the locker room. That can’t hurt. He will probably keep contributing like he did in the preseason, getting hustle points, running the floor, and hitting 3 pointers here and there. Truth be told, he probably deserves to have a role on a contender. I can’t help but think he’d be a HUGE backup for Durant in OKC.”

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