Rival Scout’s Take On The Celtics

‘Hey, they’re talking about us’

We’re just 4 days away from the first game of the 2013-14 season. This has been as long an offseason as I can remember, and I’m glad its finally reaching its end.

During these last few days, we’ve encountered lots of previews everywhere because of the season being right around the corner. Today we take a look at what a rival scout had to say about the Celtics.

Let’s just start off by saying this scout isn’t very high on what the Celtics may accomplish next season:

They have very few players who fit together because the roster wasn’t planned out. It was all about getting rid of Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Jason Terry to Brooklyn for the draft picks. The players acquired in the deal were almost incidental. The Celtics say they don’t want to tank, but it might happen just by putting this roster out there.

But this is going to be a hard year for everybody. The most they can hope for is 30 wins, considering the questions about Rondo coming off his injury.

I haven’t seen much people around saying that the Celtics best hope is 30. Scouts know what they talk about as they’ve watched teams and players daily for years and years, therefore what they say should be at the very least, considered. Not saying 30 wins is the most optimistic possible outcome for next year, but the number will be right around that.

And he is right this team isn’t made to fit. Stevens will have the duty of trying to find decent combinations, but no one is here to mesh with someone else. Probably the only combination made on purpose is the Sullinger/Olynyk duo.

Then, the scout gives some thoughts on the Celtics players. I found what he said about Avery the most interesting:

Avery Bradley¬†can be a point guard if all you’re looking for is someone to initiate the offense and then run off cuts and off screens. It just means having the point guard getting rid of the ball earlier with fewer reads and simple movement. Beyond his limitations as a point guard, Bradley has a lot going for him. He can get to the rim. He’s more of a driver than a shooter, but his shooting is improving, and he has speed end to end.

Defensively, Bradley is a one-man double team. He’s one of the toughest on-ball defenders in the league. Bradley has extremely quick feet, he gets low and he keeps his hands out. He flicks at the ball and gets deflections. He beats people to the spot with his anticipation. He’s a nightmare for ball handlers, especially the ones who depend on bringing the ball up and initiating the offense. He’ll make you bring it up with your back to the basket.

With Avery’s extension talks going on and people trying to figure out a number for his contract, this is stuff to maybe take into account. He’ll never excell offensively, but he’ll manage to be respectable. Defensively, he’s a pest, someone with very high value on that end. He’s a game changer, but how much are you willing to pay for that?

You would do good by giving the entire article a read; worth your time, even if you might come out a tad dissapointed.

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