Preseason Recap #4

This preseason was different to what we had seen for the past 6 years. In the past we knew who the team was and had a fairly solid idea of who were the best players, who were the one’s destined to the bench, how was the style of play going to be and much more other stuff.

This time around? We basically knew nothing. We were bound to figure out nearly everything there was to find out as the team enters a new era.

We have a new head coach in Brad Stevens,a bazillion new players coming from Brooklyn, 3 rookies, and some other guys who’ve already been here but haven’t told us much of their play.

So this preseason was about learning and finding out stuff. We asked our writers: What surprised you? What dissapointed you?

PakkAttackk: “To be honest, Jared Sullinger has surprised me. His post moves & touch around the basket are impressive. Sadly he’ll be matched up with bigger guys because he has to play center for us but if he gets matched with a PF, he can score & that’s something I didn’t think he could before. I know the easy choice is Green but I believe he’ll return near to what he was at Post All-Star break last year. I’m not really disappointed in any player & Stevens has shown improvements, pretty much every fame. I’m disappointed in the offense, there was a lot of “We’re going to be a fast paced team.” talk & uh, it’s been anything but fast paced.”

TreyAdell: “I was really taken aback by the performance of Vitor Faverani. Before the preseason I had not seen one single minute of footage on him and his game was somewhat of a mystery. He really looks like he can log minutes as a backup big in the NBA. Like everyone l was really just bummed out by the roster we have to be honest.”

GeeZeeCeltics: “Faverani pleasantly surprised me. I knew that he was a COMPLETE unknown and I did hope he’d be good, but I didn’t really expect much from him. The Vitor experience has been… very entertaining and positive so far. “I make dunk and get back on defense”, “To the Vitor go the spoils” and such. I hate to say it, but Jeff was my disappointment. I wanted and expected him to seize the #1 role, but he hasn’t done it so far. Not to worry though – there’s lots of basketball left, I’m not writing him off. I just wanted him to show more right away.”

HeisenCelts: “Actually, various guys surprised me.  The first was clearly Sullinger. He was coming off back surgery and hadn’t played for nearly 6 months, he said he was out of shape, and he came out of the gates as the best player on the court for the Celtics. I wasn’t expecting so solid contributions from him yet, but he was excellent. The undrafted rookies were the others who surprised me. I was expecting something from Pressey and nothing from Faverani, and Pressey showed a lot, and Faverani something. They looked like they can get into the rotation and contribute important minutes. They showed their skills, and what they’re good at, not trying to get out of their game to impress the coaching staff. They played really well for rookies. Jeff Green clearly dissapointed me, but I don’t wanna talk much about him now. I’ll go with Courtney Lee. Stevens gave him a great chance to earn minutes and he just did more of the same he did last season. I was expecting him to be much more involved, but he, again, was dissapearing often.”

AusCelticsFan: “What surprised me? That 2 former Brooklyn Nets players played harder, and with more heart than some of our regular rotation guys, plus a quite consistent Brandon Bass. What disappointed me was an obvious lack of hustle and effort by a large contingent of our players, for a large portion of their playing time.”

Who surprised you and who dissapointed you? Leave your answers on the comments.

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