Preseason Recap #5

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The last Sunday without an NBA game has finally gone by. The season is right around the corner.

With that, we’re extremely close to watching Brad Stevens coach his first real NBA game, the one that will get his lifetime record going. For now, we’ve seen him coach 8 preseason games, which are not the same to real games, but are the closest you will get.

Tha NBA is very different to the college ranks, so a coach needs to adapt to make it in the pros.

That is why we asked our writers and contributors the following: After watching him coach NBA games, what are your new thoughts – if any – on Brad Stevens?

TreyAdell: “I still have my reserves about Stevens even though I loved/love the hire. We still haven’t seen him coach in the regular season so I’ll hold off on any judgement. Although I would like to say that in theory I love how he’s encouraging Sully to work on his 3. I prefer to have Sully down low but making other teams respect your 3 point shot and being able to draw an extra big out of the paint is so important in a game dominated by spacing. The results weren’t that great but Stevens and the rest of the staff had the right idea in mind.”

PakkAttackk: “Nothing “new.” & I hate to do the whole “I said this before anyone else did! I’m smart!” stuff but I stayed cautious with the Stevens-Wonderboy of Basketball hype. Listen those articles about him being a genius were great but I wanted to SEE it first. Stevens hasn’t been bad, but it’s clear he has things to learn. Timeout placement, crisper offensive sets, substitution method, etc. One thing I’ve taken note of is his improvement from every game, his first game was all over the place. Timeout right before the half, poor minute distribution but he’s made improvements every game. Like he’s said, it’s about the process & he’s shown that he WORKS to improve.”

GeeZeeCeltics: “I’ll withhold any judgement here. He has yet to have coached a real NBA game. I need more of a sample size to have a solid impression.”

AusCelticsFan: “With only 8 preseason games being a very small sample size to fairly critique a fresh NBA Head Coach adjusting from years in the College game, I will point out the aspects of Brad Stevens that I so far admire: his extremely bright, courteous and intelligent outlook, on not only Basketball, but from all reports; life in general. He is most certainly a peoples person, and has the mental acuity and psychological approach to be able to manage different players, and thus different egos, to get the best out of them individually, and collectively. It’s no secret that he is a numbers man, and a man who highly values tried and tested psychology reasoning. ‘Mindset’ by Carol S. Dweck, the book Stevens gave Rajon Rondo to read, sits in my bedroom, with a bookmark currently in the middle. Brilliant read, and an amazing choice of book to give to our new leader. Obviously, being a Rookie NBA Coach has it’s ups and downs. There have been the odd strange play calls, which seemed to be a poor choice in an NBA game, yet the beauty of what Stevens has done so far with the Celtics roster, is spread the minutes out, so he can truly strategise and quantify which duos, which tandems, and which collection of 5 players on the court at the one time, collectively, will produce the most cohesive team. Stevens is obviously also trying to locate each individuals weaknesses, so as to focus on improving those in each player, so we form a logical, fluid, well orchestrated team whereby each player truly compliments the next. This is an amazing Coaching approach, and so far, for the most part, I’m loving Brad Stevens Philosophy, or, ‘Steveanism’. (Nod to HiesenCelts).”

HeisenCelts: “I don’t think I’m someone to judge how to coach an NBA game just yet. I can’t say I have all that experience with basketball to be able to say ‘Oh what a brilliant move? or on the other side ‘What the hell was that?’. Still after watching Stevens, I loved his demeanor. He was usually standing, but never looked mad, he was just yelling instructions, and most importantly I saw him apploud a whole lot. That support will be very important for the players. Other than that, I noticed maybe two or three very nice ATO plays which resulted in alley-oops or an easy score. What I didn’t like though were some of his timeouts. Some just seemed a bit awkward, like it clearly wasn’t the best moment to call them. I just know that Brad will work to get better each and every game. NBA basketball brings a lot of stuff with it and for Stevens to fully master it will take time. After preseason, I love him just as much as I did before games were played. Mainly, because of ‘Steveanism‘.”

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