Preseason Recap #6

We’re finally on the day the NBA starts. Though the Celtics aren’t playing, because, well, they aren’t good enough, we finally have some real, competitive NBA basketball to watch. The day we’ve been waiting for so long is finally here.

Still, today we don’t get to watch the Celtics and today is the last day we are deprieved of them. Therefore, today is the last day to recap the preseason we’ve been watching for the last month.

For the last topic of the Preseason Recap we’re taking a look at the team’s rotation. We saw various starting lineups, some guys played a lot one game and then not at all the next game, and some solidified their minutes. There was a little bit of everything.

So the final question before we finally start the 2013-14 season is: How will the Celtics opening night rotation look like?

HeisenCelts: “Its looking like the starters will be Bradley, Green, Wallace, Bass, and Sullinger. There’s a legit possibility Faverani takes wiether Sully or Bass out of there, but if I had to bet on a lineup, that would be it. I kinda liked the idea of the Bradley-Crawford pairing to relieve AB from point guard duties, but I guess Stevens really liked Wallace and Green on the court together. The backcourt off the bench will be Pressey and Crawford – with Crawford having more minutes – and the frontcourt will be Lee, Olynyk, and Faverani. That’s a 10 man rotation right there. Pressey probably will be the one with the smallest share of minutes, and Sullinger with the largest.”

PakkAttackk: “Crawford-Bradley-Green-Bass-Sullinger will be the starters. Wallace, Olynyk, Lee, Humphries, Pressey & Faverani will round out the bench.”

TreyAdell: “Personally I would throw out a Crawford-Avery-Jeff-Olynyk-Sullinger lineup but I don’t expect Olynyk to start and Boston needs more length in this unit so it’ll most likely be Crawford-Avery-Jeff-Sullinger-Hump. Stevens just has to avoid putting Brandon Bass out in the starting lineup, ANYBODY BUT BRANDON BASS.”

GeeZeeCeltics: “It appears that Steezy will play plenty point guard, Pressey has fought himself a spot on the rotation, so has Vitor. Wallace is probably going to get more minutes than previously thought. Other than that, most things will stay as anticipated in the offseason.”

AusCelticsFan: “I don’t know how it will look. With all the differing lineups in the Preseason, it’s anyones guess. But the lineup I would like to see, based on form, is:

PG: Phil Pressey (4apg/1.83 assist/turnover ratio, 1.17spg in 18mpg)
SG: Avery Bradley (10ppg, 43%3pfg, 3.4rpg and 2spg in 24mpg)
SF: Gerald Wallace (11.5ppg, 3.3rpg, 3.2apg in 26.5mpg)
PF: Jared Sullinger (10.1ppg, 4.6rpg, 1spg in 20.6mpg)
C: Vitor Faverani (7.3ppg, 51%fg, 4.4rpg, 1.25bpg in 15mpg)”

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