VIDEO: Ubuntu The Era (Part I)

Today is the day the new NBA season begins. It has been a long awaited day, and every NBA fan on the planet is ready for another year to finally get underway.

However, before we jump into the unknown and endure our first season post-Big 3, I offer you to dip in the memories of the past years once more and enjoy how good the past six (well, in this case, the first three of those six) years have been.

This is the first of two parts of my project titled Ubuntu: The Era. It chronicles the tale of the Boston Celtics from 2007, when the Big Three first united, all the way to 2013, when the era of Ubuntu that had defined the past six years finally ended.

The video includes plenty of highlights, including Pierce’s incredible duel with James in ’08, the Celtics victory over the Lakers in the Finals, the ring ceremony, the classic Bulls-Celtics ’09 series, the amazing ’10 Playoffs run and much, much more. If you are a Celtics fan and have been for the past few years, this video will serve as a memory vault of the great things we’ve witnessed as fans. Enjoy! Video is after the jump.

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