All of this excruciating, loooong wait is finally over. The Celtics season is finally upon us.

Today the Celtics open their season against the Toronto Raptors at 7PM EST. This should be a holiday.

This offseason has been as long as it gets. The Celtics had been away from us for way too long. They’re finally back to play real games.

This offseason featured plenty of changes on the team. Doc was gone and quickly replaced by Brad Stevens. Danny pulled the trigger on rebuilding and sent KG and Pierce to Brooklyn for 3 future first rounders and some other players. We drafted Kelly Olynyk and signed Phil Pressey and Vitor Faverani. 

Today is the day in which we get to see all of these guys in a game that counts.

Today is the day in which Brad Stevens starts his record as an NBA head coach.

Today is the day Kelly ‘Dirk’ Olynyk, Phil¬†‘Rajon’ Pressey, and Vitor ‘El Hombre Indestructible’ Faverani make their NBA debuts.

Today is the day Jeff Green becomes Option No. 1 on an NBA team.

Today is the day the Celtics start off #TankSafariForJabari.

Today is the day in which Gerald Wallace’s effort is finally worth it.

Today is the day Courtney Lee gets his second chance.

Today is the day Rondo becomes and assistant coach.

Today is the day a new era of Celtics basketball officially begins.


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