No Expectations

Keep the same attitude Vitor does and you will be A-okay.

After a long offseason – longer than we’ve been used to with a first round playoff exit last year – it’s finally time to play actual Celtics basketball again. HeisenCelts already made sure you know what day it is today.

Before we jump into the mayhem that is the NBA regular season, however, a few words of caution.

While the preseason was still in full effect, I came across a few people that responded negatively to the Celtics’ play. For whatever reasons, the C’s failed to meet their expectations, even though everybody seems to be clear on the fact that the 2013-14 version of the Celtics are pretty far from good. News flash: the C’s ARE going to be bad, so prepare accordingly.

The idea is simple. If you expect this team to perform to a certain level and they cannot reach that level, you will end up disappointed and disgruntled. It works both ways – if you expect the team to win a lot (puh-lease) and they don’t, you’ll be unhappy, but the same will happen if you want the C’s to lose every game and they somehow creep their way into the middle pack of the Eastern conference, missing out on a stacked lottery. My suggestion, therefore, is to set no bar at all. Otherwise, it could end up a long and nerve-wracking season for you.

This year will be one to enjoy the wackiness of this team without the pressure of success while we wait for Ainge’s master plan to come together. We can sit back, sip on a can of soda and enjoy Faverani’s oddball quotes or the reality show that is Jordan Crawford running the point. Parallel to that, we can also root for our young guys to do well and improve as the season goes on. If they do and that and, in turn, produce too many victories to contend for a high pick in the draft – hey, we’ve gained something, because our young foundation players have improved! If not… well, #RiggingForWiggins, #TankSafariForJabari, #AllTheLossesYouCanHandleForJuliusRandle and such.

It’s all a matter of perspective. A few hours before our beloved Celtics tip off, I remind you – if you want to remain sane during this time of change, choose a viewpoint from which there is nowhere to go but up.

P.S. If you wonder what my position is on this season… I’ll be taking my own advice on this, expecting nothing of this team. But… somewhere, in the deeper corners of my consciousness, an infantile hope that somehow these guys end up playing better than anticipated still resides.

I know, I know.

But still.

Actually, all I really want from this team is to beat the Heat at least once. We’re still allowed to hope, aren’t we?

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