Kelly Olynyk Wasn’t Enough. Detroit 97 – Celtics 87


The Celtics tried to look like a competent team at times today but they fell to 0-3 getting beat by the Pistons 87-77.

Lots of stuff happened tonight, expected and unexpected, so lets go through them all.

It all started as expected, with Detroit bullying the Celtics in the paint. The first 6 Detroit points were all coming from easy Drummond dunks. Monroe was posting up and his size + skill was nearly impossible to stop for Bass.

Faverani sort of held his ground and was able to score too at the beggining but he just couldn’t defend everything. He needed help that never came.

Detroit started to run away until Crawford came with some shots and layups to keep the Celtics near. In the second, Detroit showed great passing in the half court and transition while the Celtics looked like a Division III college team with their passing. It resulted in a 10 point Pistons lead by the half.

The third was more of the same until Stevens got Olynyk and Brooks in the game. Those two along with Crawford used their offense to get the Celtics back into the game. The Celtics were finally capable of making some passes. That gave solid results as the Celtics actually took a 2 point lead by the 10 minute mark of the 4th.

Though Boston coming back had more to do with Detroit getting messy than the Celtics being good, the close game was nice to see.

Then Stevens changed offense for defense, getting Avery and Lee in for Brooks and Crawford. The lineup of Bradley, Lee, Wallace, Bass, and Olynyk got the Celtics as close as 2 to the Pistons but then 3 straight awful trunovers sealed the win for Detroit.

The Celtics had the momentum in this one to win it, but Lee and Avery had turnovers a 10 year old wouldn’t have made that killed the Celtics hopes.

Some pointers after the game:

  • Neither Green or Faverani play in the 4th quarter in a bold move by Stevens that nearly pays off.
  • Kelly Olynyk had his best game as a pro with 15 points in 6/11 shooting to go with 8 rebounds.
  • Gerald Wallace played a huge role on the defensive end, getting two charges and plenty of steals and deflections.
  • Brooks and Bogans were released of the dog house. Bogans did basically nothing but Brooks, even if he didn’t score, played an important role in the Celtics third quarter comeback.
  • Phil Pressey again got a DNP-CD and no one really knows why, especially seeing as the Celtics keep racking up the turnovers.
  • The Pistons have an extremely good frontcourt as long as they can keep Josh Smith away from taking woeful jumpers he just can’t make.

The Celtics will be back at it tomorrow at 8PM as they face Memphis on the road in the second night of a back to back.

102 thoughts on “Kelly Olynyk Wasn’t Enough. Detroit 97 – Celtics 87

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