0-4. So What?

The Steez we should all have

The Steez we should all have

Stop with the pessimism. Stop with the Brad Stevens criticizing. Stop with the frustration. Stop with the anger. Stop with the melting. Stop. Stop. Stop.

We knew it would be like this.

We knew the Celtics would suck. And guess what? They suck!

They have lost ther first 4 games of the season and the last time that happened Brad Stevens wasn’t even born yet. So what?

This right here is a reality check. The Celtics have gone from ‘Its all about 18′ to ‘Green Runs Deep’. That didn’t happen because the Celtics media people decided the franchise needed a change in their marketing. No, it happened because the Celtics now suck.

And it is perfectly fine, people.

This season is all about the progress, and let me ask you, have you seen progress? Progress, or potential, of any sort?

Let me remind you of some stuff. The Celtics built a 22 point lead against Milwaukee, they came back from 15 against Detroit, and nearly steal a win on the road on a SEGABABA against the ‘grit&grind’ Grizzlies.

It is not all that bad.

Individual performances? Jeff Green has scored 22 points or more in 2 of the 4 games so far, Vitor Faverani had one 18 rebound-6 block game, Kelly Olynyk has already scored 15, MarShon Brooks already proved valuable without scoring, Jared Sullinger still rebounds like a monster, Brandon Bass is a leader, Jordan Crawford is a team player, and etcetera.

Welcome to the 2013-14 season, where the moral victories might actually be more important than the real ones. Real wins can be very encouraging, but moral victories imply that 1) the team played well and 2) that the Celtics are one step closer to a great lottery pick in a loaded draft.

I’m not favoring tanking in any way, and the Celtics are not tanking. Even if you think these fourth quarter collapses can’t be coinscidence and are totally are planned, most likely they aren’t.

The reality is that the Celtics are lacking in talent, and, most importantly, lacking a player able to carry them in the fourth ala Rondo or Pierce.

So no, the Celtics aren’t trying to lose. They’re trying to win. And by failing to do so they are still giving positives to the people around the Celtics.

They are showing effort and a capability of playing really good basketball. That’s all you can ask for from a team with no point guard and no ‘take-over’ guy yet.

Oh, and yep, Jabari here we come.

I’d still LOVE to see a stretch of games in which effort and nice basketball result in a few wins that actually show in the left column.

As of now, that ain’t happening and we’re 0-4.

So what?


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