Monday Report Week #2

In this series we will be reviewing the last week of games for the Celtics. This season is all about the Process so that will be evaluated here. How did they perform as a team? Who was good individually? All of that answered in Truth On Causeway’s Monday Report.

Team Record: 3-1

Opponents: Memphis (7 pt L), Utah (10 pt W), Orlando (2 pt W), Miami (1 pt W).

Best Player: Jeff Green (36.1 MIN, 18.5 PTS, 45.5 FG%, 4 REB, 2.5 AST) Jeff has emerged as the Celtics have finally started to win. He has been aggressive and efficient, and has been balancing going to the rim and shooting jumpers nicely. The Celtics, but more importantly Jeff himself, have to realize he is their best option offensively and have to give him the ball. That happened in the game against Miami and look at the result. No more words needed. 

Worst Player: Vitor Faverani (13.2 MIN, 2.5 PTS, 30.8 FG%, 3.5 REB, 0.3 BLK) After being the best player at the start of the season, Vitor has quickly regressed. He hasn’t been all that bad and Stevens has largely decreased his minutes, but he’s the only one on the roster fit for this space this week. His rebounding has been very good still (9.5 per 36) but he hasn’t been protecting the paint as he did earlier. Guys have pounded it inside against him and other have punished him with outside shots. His defense game him all of the minutes as the season started, but with that side regressing for him, Stevens has preferred to go with Olynyk’s offense.

+/- God: Jared Sullinger +26. Last year he was always the God of the plus/minus until his injury so its nice to see he’s back to work early in the season. I wouldn’t be surprised if he sticks on this spot for a while.

+/-  Catastrophe: Brandon Bass -24. Last week he was the God so its a suprise to see him here. This number shouldn’t say much, though, as Brandon’s play has been remarkable so far.

Rookie Report: We’ve talked about Vitor so lets move on. Kelly Olynyk has been closer to what we expect to see from him on offense as he has started to hit some shots but he still has ways to go, especially on defense. Its been evident that he still isn’t very strong as he has been bullied by bigger guys while he tries to defend them. Phil Pressey has finally started to get his minutes (17.7) and he has proven he has worth for the team. His greatest contributions have been in controlling the pace of the game, greatly proved but his amazing 2 for 1 layup at the end of the 2nd against Miami. His assist to turnover ratio of 8:2 doesn’t hurt, either. 

How’s the process?: Its been very good. The Celtics have now started winning close games, showing quick growth from this roster. Stevens has made them play hard all season but now they’re finally being able to come up with the W’s. Thing to note has been Olynyk’s and Sullinger’s increasing playing time. Both have proven to be more than valuable players that can bring a whole lot to the team. Jeff Green has begun to understand he is the man for the team. Roles are being set and Stevens is kind of focusing on the young guys more. Finally, Stevens is coming closer to figuring out his end of game lineup.

Story of the week: I thought of making this Jeff’s game winner, but its called story of the week for a reason. Therefore, it is Jordan Crawford at the point. Want to know something cool? The Celtics are 3-0 with Jordan Crawford as a starter. I’m not making that up, I promise. Crawford’s play has been impressive to say the least. He’s been able to play like a point guard, calm the team down when needed, dish out the ball when needed, and shoot the ball when needed. He has really evolved to much more than an awful shot-taker and inefficient scorer. He has been the main reason Avery has improved his play as he’s been finally able to play off the ball. If Crawford manages to keep this up, his contract might be one of the biggest bargains on the roster. There, I said it. 

Road Ahead: Orlando (home), Charlotte (home), Portland (home), Minnesota (road).

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