‘We Want To Play With Jabari!’ Celtics 83 – Bobcats 89

The Celtics clearly saw last night’s Duke-Kansas game. And they realized they really want to play with Jabari Parker.

Just kidding. Kinda.

This game was just awful. Deep in our hearts we all knew this super fun basketball couldn’t last forever. So we got tonight.

Winning streak over.

These Celtics aren’t meant to be a more than .500 team and the Basketball Gods know it.

God bless you if you didn’t watch this mess. Furthermore, I won’t be doing you much of a favor by telling you a whole lot about this one.

“Brad Stevens is gonna go home to watch this film and he’s gonna feel sick to his stomach” is what Jackie MacMullan had to say at the game’s end. That’s basically what you need to know. Oh, yes Jackie Mac was on studio with Kyle tonight. 

This was just a game with absolutely no pace. We were used to seeing the Celtics run and score in transition but this game was the entire opposite. It was just stagnant half-court offense that took the C’s nowhere.

Al Jefferson was killing the Celtics tonight. Vitor actually made a very decent job guarding him, but in the end Al was just too much.

The Celtics were down all game long but, as we’ve been used to, they were in the game in the fourth. And, as we were used to in the first 4 games, turnovers killed them. First Green was called for an offensive foul, then Olynyk travelled, and finally Avery was stripped by Henderson.

This game was just never meant to be a Celtic win.

Just some numbers and facts for you:

  • Jared Sullinger was out tonight due to a bruised knee. Mostly precautionary.
  • Jeff Green is still looking good. He had 19 points on 7-13 shooting. The only concern was that he grabbed just 1 rebound
  • Vitor led the team with a +10. His defense on Jefferson kept the Bobcats from running away.
  • Crawford once again knew when to pass and when to score. Ended with 16 and 6.
  • Al Jefferson recorded his first career win against the Celtics tonight, having lost his previous 11. His record against his former team now is 1-11.

Next stop is Friday at the TD Garden against the Portland Trail Blazers.

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