Monday Report – Week #3

In this series we will be reviewing the last week of games for the Celtics. This season is all about the Process so that will be evaluated here. How did they perform as a team? Who was good individually? All of that answered in Truth On Causeway’s Monday Report.

Team Record: 1-3

Opponents: Orlando (15 pt W), Charlotte (6 pt L), Portland (13 pt L), Minnesota (18 pt L).

Best Player: Jared Sullinger (25.1 MIN, 14.3 PTS, 57.6 FG%,  5.7 REB, 2.0 AST). He earns this spot in large part because of his incredible night against Portland, when he scored a career high 26 points. Indeed, Jared has been playing very well, especially considering that he’s coming off back surgery. When he’s on the court, the Celtics get a boost. Honorable mention goes to Jordan Crawford – what he is doing just really does not compute.

Worst Player: Jeff Green (30.3 MIN, 12.8 PTS, 15.4 3FG%, 4.0 REB, 0.8 AST, 2.0 TO). You know, it’s a disservice to Jeff to put him here, and PakkAttackk will murder me for it, but hear me out. Green is capable of A LOT. The question so far has been whether his performance last year after the All-Star break was a flash in the pan or the real deal. I thought it was the real deal, so, right now, Jeff’s play is underwhelming, which is why I’m putting him here. Similarly to how Jared won Best Player with a good performance, Green made Worst Player with his utter stinker against the T-Wolves. Check this line: 2 points (both off free throws), 1 assist, 4 turnovers. He did have 7 rebounds, but YUCK. Also, his +/- was truly catastrophic (check below). Just because I expect a lot more from James Worthy, he lands this spot for the past week.

+/- God: Vitor Faverani +24. Last week’s unsurprising winner Sullinger has surprisingly fallen below positive +/- numbers, even (largely because of the Minny game, where he was a -27 (!)). So, without a doubt, it is El Hombre Indestructible taking that spot. Raise your hand if you had predicted this would happen before the season.

+/-  Catastrophe: Jeff Green -35. Oof. It’s never nice to see your best player in this category, and Green’s really been on the bad end of the +/- roulette this week. There was not one game where he was not a negative +/-. To paraphrase his words, his +/- “was sh*t”.

Rookie Report: First of all, Faverani returned to being a respectable basketball player again, posting a solid line of 7.3 points, 7.8 rebounds and 1.8 blocks a game. Interestingly enough, the Celtics were winning while he was not playing much and vice versa. It doesn’t really seem that he plays for his stats or the like, so it’s odd to see such a pattern. Kelly Olynyk keeps chuggin’ along. It would be nice to see him get in there for more rebounds, but all in due time, I assume. Phil Pressey has carved out a nice, solid and consistent part on the roster for himself, appearing in all 4 games last week. His numbers won’t blow you away, but that’s not why he’s on the team.

How’s the process?: A reverse effect of last week’s report. The Celtics went only downward, winning a good one against the Magic but then dropping three straight. Effort has been a question. One wonders if the guys let the winning streak get to themselves a little bit. That’s also something that coach Stevens and the team is going to have to learn to adjust to.

Story of the week: It only became a story near the end of the week, but we have our first rumors of the season. In this episode, we have Rajon Rondo getting shipped to either New York or Houston. The Rockets at least offered Asik and Lin, but the Knicks, however, decided that Felton, Shumpert and Amare Stoudemire is a legitimate package for a star like Rondo. Obviously, Ainge will not accept these deals, but the underlying thing here is that Rondo once again DOES appear in trade rumors. We’ll see what that means further down the road.

Road Ahead: Houston (road), San Antonio (road), Indiana (home), Atlanta (road)

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