V For Vendetta. Celtics 96 – Bobcats 86

'Aaahh noo, not revenge please!'

‘Aaahh noo, not revenge please!’

The Celtics allowed the Bobcats to come to their home and steal a win so they decided to return the favor tonight. This time around they weren’t having none of what had happened last time around and they were able to come up with the road win.

I say Stevens saw plenty of tape of Charlotte, as Boston was playing them remarkably well defensively and Stevens’ rotations never seemed to fail.

Anyways the game started as any Celtics-Bobcats game could be expected to start. It was horrible, everyone wanted to go to bed, and Charlotte grabbed the early lead. The Celtics couldn’t seem to find themselves on offense and they shot just 28.6% from the field in the first quarter.

The bench was the one providing the spark to the team. The combination of Pressey and Wallace to go along with Green pushed the Celtics to more effective offense both in transition and in the half court. Jordan Crawford also sort of caught fire in the second and the Celtics grabbed the lead that they would practically never let go for the rest of the game.

Al Jefferson was nowhere to be found today as he encountered very good defense from Humphries and Sullinger individually. This time around it was Henderson and Walker the guys killing the Celtics though one would think that was the plan as everything they had was from the midrange. Boston did an excellent job in keeping Charlotte out of the paint tonight.

Phil Pressey’s contributions have to be highlighted here. His defensive pressure changed the game and he was the only guy being able to produce something out of the half court. Combining these two aspects was the way in which the Celtics were able to grab the lead. Phil dished out 8 assists in 20 minutes.

Some more game notes:

  • Kelly Olynyk was out with an ankle sprain
  • Humphries got decent minutes (16) and was once again efficient. He scored 4 points, grabbed 5 rebounds, and was a +17 mostly because of his great defense on Al Jefferson.
  • Jared Sullinger was 0-3 from three point range and Celtics Nation still doesn’t know what to think of him shooting treys. I’m mostly on board. Not completely, mostly.
  • Even though Sully struggled on the offensive end, his defense is really taking a step forward this season.
  • Jordan Crawford was somehow a -4 but he scored 21 and dished out 5 assists. His shots also helped keep Charlotte away.
  • Kemba Walker torched the Celtics going for 28 points, but again, might have been the game plan. Also, Avery was in foul trouble for most of the game so this could have contributed to Kemba’s great game.
  • Due to this foul trouble Avery managed to play only 8 minutes tonight.

The Celtics will be back at it on Wednesday at 7:30 to face Memphis at the TD Garden.

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