Dealing for Asik?

Here’s one rule for this season. Don’t fall in love with the players. Anyone can be dealed at any time for anyone with no previous rumors or nothing. Danny Ainge is in a season in which he can just go all ‘BOOM’ and trade the entire roster.

That being said, I present you a deal proposed by ESPN’s Chris Forsberg in his latest mailbag. Before you judge it, I’ll tell you my judgement: I love it. Just remember the golden rule: this isn’t the season to fall in love with any player.

So, here’s the deal:

Here’s the deal I’d pitch to Houston: Bass, Crawford, MarShon Brooks and the Clippers’ 2015 first-rounder for Asik and Omri Casspi. Listen, no one appreciates Bass more than me, but Jared Sullinger and Kelly Olynyk are the future at the 4. The Celtics desperately need a rim protector and they don’t come much better than Asik, a guy the Rockets have to deal by mid-December. You sell high on Crawford and send out Brooks to ensure you stay under the tax line after the deal. If Houston is leery, you toss in that Clippers pick from Doc Rivers’ departure, which will likely be late first round anyhow. It leaves you exposed at point guard until Rondo is healthy, but you unclog at both the 2 and the 4, while adding the potential center of the future. The idea of Asik as the back line of a Stevens defense would leave Boston swooning while filling the Celtics’ most glaring need.

So the Celtics would let go two players who have been basically fan favorites this season in Crawford and Bass, a guy with supposed upside in Brooks, and the beloved Clippers first rounder.

Still, this is a great deal for the Celtics.

Omer Asik is the real deal. This would put as a lot more advanced in the road to contention again. No, Omer Asik is not a franchise player and that’s definetely not what I’m saying. But he’s a guy that will help you a whole lot when every second of a game counts.

Asik, is sort of young at 27 and a center that does everything you need a center to do.

He rebounds the ball tenaciously, and is an inside presence that will make opponents think twice about getting in the paint. When you’re in the playoffs, he will get you that one key offensive rebound to give you one more posession, he will box the hell out of someone to prevent them from getting the rebound, and he will either foul hard or block a penetrator with a clear view of the rim.

That is a guy you need. And I’m not even mentioning the potential of him as a pick and roll partner with Rondo. Imagine the guy rolling to the bench while Jared spaces the floor all the way to the three point line. Basketball heaven, am I right?

Look, I’m salivating at the pairing of him and Jared Sullinger.

Now, I get why you would doubt this deal, so here’s where I try to convince you to leave your concerns aside.

Yes, Bass and Crawford are playing fantastic basketball, but Crawford is probably peaking right now and his role would be much different with Rondo back, and Bass is just not part of this team’s future as long as Sully and Olynyk are around. Marshon isn’t playing and its looking like he can’t do nothing to make Stevens want to play him, and that first rounder will most definetely be a pretty late first rounder.

In Asik, you got a center who can anchor your defense for the future.

And…. This trade makes us kind of worse this season, giving us a better chance at the top prospects of the draft.

Why would Houston do this?

Three basic and simple reasons: One, Asik isn’t playing. Two, Daryl Morey loves assets (Brooks and the Clips first). Three, Bass could help spread the floor around Howard and Crawford has proven to be pretty serviceable.

Alright, who calls Danny?

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