The Rondler


Props to @Lil_Kaino for one more amazing pic and the post’s title

Rondo made a lot of Celtics fans night yesterday by posting this cryptic tweet:

Everyone started making calculations trying to understand what those numbers meant. Some seconds later a lot of people converted those seconds to days, which gave 338 days.

Then the hard part came by and it was, 338 days to what? Its been 338 since what?

Then Globe reporter Baxter Holmes came with the answer: 338 is the amount of days that will pass since his ACL surgery (February 13th) to this Friday, the date when he’s now most likely coming back.

If one gets more precise – like Rondo is – I bet 29,233,380 is the exact amount of seconds since he came out of surgery and the tip of Friday’s game against LAL.

This tweet defines Rondo more than anything else he can ever say.

There’s some speculation out there that Rondo didn’t use a calculator to come up with the number of seconds. All in his head.

2 thoughts on “The Rondler

  1. lmao at that picture of riddler rondo. you guys kill me.

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