Bob Ryan Goes Harsh

That’s a lot of snow

After Kevin Garnett came to Boston and left as delighted with the city as he did, the question of free agents wanting to come to Boston is being revisited.

This city has, unfortunately, a history of being the exact opposite of a place that will wow free agents into coming and playing -and living- here.

But after Banner 17 and the restoration of the tradition of Celtic greatness and pride, and most importantly the winning tradition, this might all change.

Fans have the hope it will. 

With an ownership willing to spend for the right guy, being able to convince the right guy to come will be huge.

However, Bob Ryan steps in with this harsh comments about free agents actually having something to like about Boston (via CSNNE):

“The next one they get of that nature would be the first one,” Ryan said. “We here in Boston, old cold eastern city. Forget the banners, forget the floor, forget the tradition, none of this generation cares anything about that. It’s about money, it’s about climate, it’s about a lot of this stuff. We haven’t gotten anybody yet, but it would be nice if we could.”

I can always see the two sides of this matter.

Ryan is sort of right in what he says. Boston is cold, old, and has big taxes.

But, winning must matter. You got to have to win while playing a sport. It matters.

Boston has a winning culture.

It also has Brad Stevens as a coach and Rajon Rondo as a pass first, I’m-gonna-make-you-better point guard.

As a fan, I do have plenty of hope.

One thought on “Bob Ryan Goes Harsh

  1. No tax incentives, No babes in bikinis, No prominent club scene… but you know what? Putting on that green jersey with your name on the back has to make you feel a way that only the Lakers and Bulls franchises could make you feel. I hope guys realize that this & next off-season.


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